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Seasonal Fashion Bucket List

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Published on: July 28, 2023 | Updated on: July 28, 2023

Explore the top trends in 2023 and elevate your wardrobe effortlessly. Get ready to embrace the latest looks and shine in the latest fashion trends this season!

An ideal rainy-day look would include a pair of anti-skid, non-absorbent shoes or boots clubbed with darker shades of clothing and an additional layer to protect yourself against sudden showers.  Freepik

An ideal rainy-day look would include a pair of anti-skid, non-absorbent shoes or boots clubbed with darker shades of clothing and an additional layer to protect yourself against sudden showers. Freepik

The monsoons are here. While carrying your raincoats and umbrellas, you also want to maintain your style. So, the next time you have a day out with your friends or are planning a dinner date and the weather forecast says otherwise, don’t cancel your plans. You can save yourself from the pouring showers if you style up smartly.

Just be mindful of the garments you choose. For example, an ideal rainy-day look would include a pair of anti-skid, non-absorbent shoes or boots clubbed with darker shades of clothing and an additional layer to protect yourself against sudden showers. You can play around with color-blocking chic coats, rain-friendly hats, and statement rain boots.

To make it easier for you, we have put together a compiled rainy season fashion bucket list and discussed some latest fashion trends this season. We will also learn about some helpful tips and tricks to glam up your look during the monsoons. So, stay with us!

3 Rainy Seasons Fashion Trends

Monsoon is all about chilly winds, relentless downpours, and muddy streets. At the same time, you cannot miss the heartwarming moments you want to create with your loved ones. In fact, monsoons bring a sense of romance, and we cannot deny that!

So, while you are enjoying a romantic coffee date with your better half, you also don't want to have any worries about drying your clothes going on in the back of your mind. Here are the 3 fashion trends this season you can try on your next day or night out.

1.    Go for Bright Hues: Your monsoons deserve to be cheerful and bright. Therefore, embrace bright shades of green, indigo, blue, lemon yellow, purple, and white. Alternatively, softer pastels of pink, orange, peach, and even fuschia pink will also help enlighten your spirit. And if you wish to carry a formal look, go for wrinkle-free darker shades of clothing, such as browns and blacks. Furthermore, beige tinged with yellows, browns, or other complementing shades may also perfect your rainy-day style.

2.    Rubber Shoes: Rubber shoes are the best rain-friendly and water-resistant shoes that can be your go-to footwear during the wet months. You may also prefer flip-flops and loose slippers, but the anti-skid rubber boots are ideal. Besides, the rubber footwear does not squirt back the mud and dirt on your clothes or feet. The good news is rubber shoes are comfortable, washable, and affordable.

3.    Smart Layering with Light Fabrics: Layering is an essential season's fashion during this unpredictable weather. Keep a good number of breathable and light fabric clothing in your closet, such as tops and dresses made of cotton, chiffon, or georgette. You can pair them smartly and stylishly by adding jackets, long coats, or cardigans over your outfit. Accessorizing with pretty and colorful scarves and hats would also be a good idea. You can easily remove these layers when the sun decides to show up after bouts of downpours.

Your Must-Have Monsoon Bucket List

Here is a compact must-have monsoon bucket list to guide you regarding the essentials you should carry.

    Rain boots: Invest in a pair of short, sleek, and preferably black pairs of rain boots that can protect your feet during torrential downpours. You can even wear them as your regular booties when the sun comes out.

    Waterproof Outerwear: Add 1-2 waterproof jackets or raincoats to your wardrobe for the monsoon season. Be it a rainy season fashion for men or women, this is a must-have for all. Pick vibrant hues to add a popping and cheerful look against a gloomy monsoon backdrop.

    Quick-Drying Fabrics: To our previous point, we must add that you should invest in a good number of quick-drying fabrics. Irrespective of women’s or men's fashion rainy season, lightweight fabric garments are a must, as they ensure continuous air circulation, thus drying up faster. Some of these fabrics include nylon, polyester, chiffon, lightweight cotton, etc.

    Loose Pants: You don’t want to regret stepping into a pair of tight pants or anything that’s too body-hugging. Hence, baggy trousers, palazzos, or khakis will look trendy and comfortable. Besides, these will dry faster than your skinny jeans.

    Water-resistant Backpack: If you are required to carry a lot of stuff every day, such as to your workplace, a water-resistant backproof would be an ideal choice. It is not only easy to carry, but you can even keep everything dry. And if required, you can carry spare garments to save you from wet days.

    Your umbrella, of course! Try carrying a compact travel umbrella to make your rainy-day bag less bulky. Choose umbrellas with funky patterns, prints, and colors, to add a tinge of style and a trendy twist. You can even go for the fashionable transparent ones.

    Raincoat: It is a smart alternative to umbrellas. Many of us hate holding an umbrella over our heads for long periods. While some of us consider stylish umbrellas a style statement, others on the rush prefer easy-to-wear raincoats.

Numerous raincoat styles are available, such as the one with a hoodie or poncho, the one-piece ones, or the two-piece coats with hooded jackets. Other options include a stylish water-resistant zip-up poncho or a trench coat to create a smart and casual look.

    Waterproof makeup products: You cannot afford to ruin your makeup during the monsoons, nor do you wish to step out without makeup unless that’s your style. Therefore, invest in waterproof mascara, eyeliner, kajals, lipsticks, etc.

    Towels and Spare Clothes: Whether traveling or going to your workplace, keep a set of spare clothes and towels, as these will be your savior when you get absolutely wet. You cannot compromise your health by sitting all day in those drippy and watery outfits.

Tips and Tricks to Keep Yourself Dry During the Wet Season

Here are some useful monsoon fashion tips that you can embrace to stay on top of the rainy-season styling game.

    Invest in Breathable and Light Fabrics: Keep aside the heavy fabrics this season and opt for the lighter ones. Choose fabrics that are breathable enough to improve the airflow. For instance, go for fabrics like cotton, linen, polyester, mul, chiffon, chambray, nylon, etc., as these will help to keep you cool throughout the day.

Besides, these textiles are lightweight and can absorb moisture well. Therefore, they will dry faster, saving you from all the hassles that follow afterward. Furthermore, heavy fabrics release odor since the moisture cannot escape for long periods.

    Avoid Denims: Denims and linens get heavier when they get wet, and hence, take up way more time, even up to several days, to dry up during this dampened and gloomy season. Therefore, denims, linens, and similar other heavy fabrics are a big no-no during monsoons. Opt for solid-colored shorts or baggy culottes instead of skinny jeans.

    Bye-Bye Body-Hugging Fits: The humid season is going to be all sticky. Therefore, body-hugging fits would worsen the situation, making you feel more uncomfortable. Instead, choose loose-fitting silhouettes, such as loose co-ord sets, palazzos, wide-leg pants, etc.

    Choose Shorter Hemlines: Go for short dresses having shorter hemlines, as they can be in good shape and condition when the rain pours down. Clothes having shorter hemlines won’t attract mud stains, and, hence, won’t get messy. Choose playsuits, shorts, and short to midi dresses. Comfort and ease of cleaning and drying your clothes should be your top priority during the wetter months.

    Add Some Bright Hues: The monsoons are gloomy and dark, which may affect our psychology. Therefore, we recommend you add some bright and cheerful shades to your monsoon fashion seasons outfits to brighten up your day. For instance, add some bright hues of yellow to build a cheerful and happy mood.

Besides, your color-blocking dresses will also uplift the moods of those around you, thus creating a positive environment, such as in your workplace. Go for joyful patterns, such as stripes, florals, and color blocks. You can club your vibrant outfits with a pair of neutral-colored shoes to create a good balance.

    Accessorize with Stoles/Scarves: Monsoons may be chilly at times. Therefore, you need to take care of your health. So, carry some scarves or stoles to layer up your outfit, especially when you have health concerns, such as weakened immunity. Try experimenting with funky scarves paired with neutral or monochrome outfits to add some vibrancy to your look.

Alternatively, you can try other ways of layering when the temperature comes down. For example, wearing a thin, lightweight hoodie underneath your maxi dress may be a good choice. You can complete the look by stepping into rain-friendly sneakers to create a more funky look.

    Invest in Bicycle Shorts: The biker shorts are perfect for any activity, ranging from runaways or cycling sessions to street fashion. These must-have shorts can save your day by minimizing the hassles of drying your trousers. Wearing them during the rain can make you feel comfortable and walk with ease.

    Keep It Classic: If you are daring enough, team up your favorite jeans with a denim jacket or shirt clubbed with a pair of monsoon boots. You can also go in your go-to tees to create a more casual look. Keep it simple and classy. However, avoid denim fabrics if you don’t want all the fuss that comes later.

Whenever in doubt, go for that short black cress in your closet, clubbed with your reliable black rain boots. Black is always an easy and classic choice, and you don't have to give it much thought to styling or accessorizing. You can always pair the outfit with any layered necklace, scarves, and tights.

    Mix It All Up: Don’t hesitate to mix up different looks and styles. For example, you can pair up your go-to shorts with combat boots rather than the usual sandals or sneakers. Even though this is a less common pair, you can create a unique look. Moreover, it will also keep your feet protected whenever you step into those unavoidable puddles.

    Wear a Maxi Dress: A maxi dress can be an ideal choice during the monsoons, as they will both help you stay comfortable and glam up your style. You can pair your staple maxi dress with a long jacket and boots. What’s more, this look is best for moderate temperatures and chilly monsoons.

    Think Beyond the Usual: If stepping out in bare legs is not an option, try creating a retro look by returning to the early ’oos. For instance, you can style up a long tunic or dress over cropped pants or palazzos. It will help you stay comfy and relatively dry.

    Add a Hat: Just like layering yourself with some scarves, you can also accessorize with a hat or a beret. A cap or a hat will protect your hair from getting wet during sudden downpours and also add some flair to your costume.

    Add a Blazer: A blazer can take any outfit to the next level. Plus, it will add some warmth during dipping temperatures while creating a sharp look. You can upgrade your glam by pairing your blazer with a broad, cool belt.

    Bring on the Matching-Matching Game: This has been a favorite fashion game since our childhood. Even though many of us like to create bold and contrasting looks, the complementing style is always a hit. Choose a similar shade of tee/shirt and trouser duo, or better still, a co-ord set, and half of your outfit is already created.

You just need to add some accessories if you like and step into a pair of casual sneakers or boots. It will be less stressful, especially during the morning hours, when you are getting ready in a rush.

    Avoid Heels: We know heels and stilettos are your weak points, but these are not the best choice for muddy and slippery streets full of puddles. Avoid heels at all costs during the monsoons. Plus, walking with heels in the watery lanes won’t be easy.

Final Words

In conclusion, monsoons should be comfortable and cheerful rather than gloomy and tiresome. So, choose clothes that fit your style and make you feel cozy. From coffee dates to work-from-home meetings, you should not just dress to impress but also to keep yourself comfy. We hope the above-mentioned current season fashion trends will help you make the right rainy-day outfit selection.

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