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Beauties may look beastly

Published Mar 28, 2020, 3:09 pm IST
Updated Mar 28, 2020, 3:09 pm IST
Amidst the lockdown, ladies are missing their salon and grooming routine. Bushy eyebrows, hairy arms, legs and face... a nightmare now!
Representational image (Instagram)
 Representational image (Instagram)

As one would assume, right now most are concerned about the lack of food options, lockdown anxiety and indefinite work from home.

However, an added worry for all is about the repercussions of missed out salon and grooming appointments. While men may happily ignore unwanted facial hair as a reminder of Movember, are women ready for another Januhairy in the hot month of March? Apparently not.


With the onset of summer, as the wardrobe shifts to pretty, pastel summer dresses, shorts and sleeveless blouses, excessive body hair would just beat the purpose of it all.

Social media is already full of memes of women looking like cavemen after a month of quarantine. Laughable, may be, but still a situation that turn seriously “ugly”.

Bad hair days

“Quarantine didn’t affect me much being indoors because I am a stay-at-home working-mom. However, while hair growth on arms and legs can be comfortably covered up during winters, summers makes it seriously unpleasant,” says Mansi Ahuja, a marketing professional, who was to make a salon appointment around Holi. “But then, the first Coronavirus case popped up in India. So, to take precautions, I started avoiding any contact with outside people. I need to get my eyebrows fixed and arms and legs waxed. God knows what will happen to my eyebrows after another 21 days  they will definitely be all bushy.”


The lockdown because of the COVID 19 outbreak is the most unfortunate thing for all kinds of businesses, but the beauty industry would surely take a serious hit as most men and women won’t be stepping into a parlour for the next few weeks.

Bengaluru-based writer Kaveri Waghela is another person who is struggling through the lockdown.

“Not getting basic groceries is definitely more worrying for me than a parlour visit. But I have been utilizing the time at home to keep myself groomed. For instance, I have been using the leftover cold wax strips and tweezers to pull away the extra hair growth in the eyebrow region,” Kaveri says.


Vanity affairs

Delhi-based Deepti Jha, a corporate professional, is deeply concerned about her ungroomed quarantine look. She now plans to switch to home-remedies to fix her eyebrows, nails and hair growth.

“Threading, facial, nail extensions, pedicure and manicure help boost my self-confidence, but now that I am on house arrest I have to look after my beauty concerns at home. As I’m working from home, I do have additional time to pamper myself with home solutions, but I badly miss my salon sessions,” Deepti adds with a chuckle.


Though body hair growth is quite different in men and women, there are some interesting ways one can follow to keep it all under control.

Pritika Singh, CEO of Prayag Hospital and Research Centre, shares some of her beauty go-to solutions she has been trying at home during the lockdown.

“One can use razors or hair-removing creams to get rid of body hair it’s quite popular in Europe and other countries where parlour sessions are expensive. For eyebrows, I have tried tweezers and wax to get rid of extra growth. One can also use a double tape method to remove extra hair; I use it with water and wheat powder for a smooth finish,”


Pritika suggests, and then adds. “But honestly, till we have to stay at home because of the lockdown, let’s make the best use of time and not let beauty concerns worry us too much.”