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Exercise for grimy pores

Published Mar 28, 2017, 12:06 am IST
Updated Mar 28, 2017, 6:51 am IST
A new beauty treatment that tightens collagen has arrived.
A file picture of Miranda Kerr used for representational purpose only.
 A file picture of Miranda Kerr used for representational purpose only.

Open pores are  prominent openings of oil glands. Often associated with oily skin type, they can also become worse with age and sun exposure. Some of us have big oil glands and therefore, the pores look prominent.

As we age, the collagen which holds the pores tight also loosens, causing pores to look prominent. Owing to the same, TCA Cross, an all new treatment has hit beauty shelves. Using ice to shrink pores is a myth and only only a temporary solution. What is really is needed is the tightening of collagen, which also tightens the pores.


What it entails
This treatment uses a chemical peel called TCA, or trichoroacetic acid. It is applied only into the pores or scars using a pointed device. The treatment works only on the pores and is not applied to the entire skin.

This has to be done by a trained dermatologist only, as it can cause pigmentation if applied in a wrong manner. Sessions must be done every two weeks till desired results are seen. The treatment time itself is relatively quick.

During the initial consultation, the treating dermatologist will explain which scars are best suited with TCA. TCA is administered into the base of the scar with a fine instrument.


Once frosting has been achieved, the instrument is removed and that particular acne scar has been treated, it is then repeated for all scars that are remaining. On completion of the procedure, a topical emollient is applied.

If extended beyond the scar itself, it can lead to pigmentation. This is why  it is important to select the scars best suited for the procedure. The cost varies between Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,000 per session.

Anybody above the age of 16 can opt for the treatment. A minimum of four to six treatments are recommended. This is a low maintenance procedure, which only demands one post-care maintenance — Sunscreen should be used strictly, every two hours, when outdoors.

—The writer is a Bengaluru-based Medical Director.