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‘Spring’ back in super style

Published Mar 27, 2016, 12:51 am IST
Updated Mar 27, 2016, 12:51 am IST
Let the season usher in a suave and chic you with vibrant colours as you sashay in the sun with elan.
Spring is indeed that time of the year when everything around us is colourful, vibrant and cheery.
 Spring is indeed that time of the year when everything around us is colourful, vibrant and cheery.

With the not-so-harsh winters behind us, sultry and hot summer is upon us. Yet, the actual fun vacillates somewhere in between these two seasons: Hello spring! The best way to assuage oneself of passing  winter is with Shelley’s famous line, “If winter is here can spring be far behind?”

Spring is indeed that time of the year when everything around us is colourful, vibrant and cheery. So much so that it makes you want to put  a “spring” in your step. These days when people find solace in social media, being happy with everything extrinsic might be old-school but let’s face it, the exuberance the season of spring exudes in all its entirety does propel one to notice the world around them.


Call it the effects of being from old “Bangalore” or call it the dizzy happiness that the warm sun, buzzing bees and sight of rain trees in blossom bring... Don’t you just love spring? The splashes of colour, fresh sprig leaves, morning sunlight and a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Okay! I’m getting sentimental. But spring is stunning.

Spring is the season of open air rock concerts, spring festivals, outings and other fun stuff, so one has to look at one’s best. So, we curated the top 10 cute spring 2016 fashion outfits decoded!

1 Spring and green go hand in hand. After a parched winter, to get mixed up with the fresh nature try this green hue knee length dress. A yellow ocre fringe bag and a pair of sandals will keep this look simple, as mostly, less is always more.


2 The boho look has always been a favourite. For a casual spring day out, you can try a printed palazzo instead of this maxi skirt. Pick a contrast while choosing the top. Doll up with accessories to get the look.

3 One of the coolest ways to look cute as well as distinct in a crowd is to wear denim tops as well as bottoms. They look stunning on windy spring days and can be paired with both killer heels and loafers. Wear a trench coat on top to get that “edge” over the others.

4 Spring is the best time to try out vibrant colours. Pick this vibrant multi-coloured maxi skirt with a black crop top. It’s graceful yet suave for a woman to express a subtle sensuality via this attire.


5 To avoid being mainstream, put on this high-low printed dress with black boots. This comfy yet stylish look will grab everyone’s eyes for sure.

6 Floral is the must-have in your wardrobe. Wear this floral skater dress with a pair of gladiator  and bloom. It somehow elicits a feeling of serenity balanced by a beaming look of bright and illuminating flowers adorned on the dress.

7 A floral maxi dress is your basic need in spring fashion. You can try various looks— A denim jacket or if you want to add a little more style, take off the jacket and wear a hat and fringed gladiator with the maxi dress. Enhancing something rudimentary like a maxi dress with a classic look of a jacket can actually be stunning.


8 The spring outfits are full of bright colours, unique designs and patterns in shirts that add more charm to your look. Styling unbuttoned plain shirts with denim pants is an excellent way to show your immense love towards fashion. You can also try these shirts with mini skirts to achieve a classy look.

9 If you are planning a shopping day out with your friends, or a brunch with your boyfriend or just meeting someone over a cup of coffee, opt for dresses with large floral prints. Available in different materials and textures, these dresses are flowy, thus allowing your to breathe even in the soaring temperatures. And, of course, it would make you look like the cute girl-next-door.


10 For spring, white is the new black. A peach skirt is the cherry on the cake. To welcome a hot day, and to say goodbye to winter, this look is just bang on. I would prefer to try this look in a day out with my girl gang. To enhance the look, apply a peach lip colour. Pastels and spring... it’s a match made in “Pantone”. To top it off — this outfit is a result of a perfect marriage of fashion and comfort.