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Published on: February 26, 2017 | Updated on: February 27, 2017

The top decor trends for your home for the year 2017 are here! Choose your faves and let your personal space reflect your personality.

The industrial look consists of using materials that lend a raw character to the space.

The industrial look consists of using materials that lend a raw character to the space.

Industriously decored

The Trend: The Industrial Look
"The latest trend in interiors, is to go away from the normal modern themed homes and opt for something with a little more character. The industrial look is very in, with many Bollywood celebrities also going for the same theme in their homes.

The look consists of using materials that lend a raw character to the space, like exposed brick, black metal or even unfinished wood. While choosing colours, it’s best to understand that industrial furniture will mostly be in the colour scheme of rust or dark brown, white, grey or even black if you use exposed steel," says Shezan Bhojani, the co-founder of Design Cafe.

The Price: Begins at Rs 3,500 per piece.

The Places: Zefo, Essentially Metal, Pepper Fry, Urban Ladder, etc.

Tip: Make sure the background colour is in shades of white or cream to ensure the space does not look very heavy. Experiment with a little boldness and choose one funky piece of furniture that stands out — like a metal or wooden chair.

SLOW your life down

The trend: Slow living 
The hottest home decor rage this year is "slow living" — a decor that inspires you to slow down, take a deep breath and take it easy. "We are looking at moody corners, time-worn patinas, freshly-washed linen, crisp cotton and things that make you feel cosy and good.

Personally, I think it is one of the best trends we have seen in a long while because it’ll inspire people to stop and appreciate the little finer things of life. In a word, unhurried," says Rukmini Ray Kadam, decor blogger and interior designer.

The price: AALiving prices start from Rs 2,000 and Olie from Rs 499.

The Places: "Take a look at your loft for a change. Bring out the old trunk, a few old bottles, the set of cutlery that your grandma passed it on to you, perhaps, the crochet table cloth and the chair that you have been meaning to throw away! Add in natural fibre, old patina that are chipped and weather worn and let the rust be! But if you must buy vintage, I love AAliving’s products that encapsulates vintage so well! You can also check Olie living lighting for fabric that is dowsed in nostalgia and comfort," adds Rukmini.

Tip: Style it carefully carelessly. Instead of having traditional focal points like wall arts, hang your easel on the wall with a few old chopping boards or fishing oars. You could also grab a few old mirrors and hang them on the wall as wall art! Ditch the vases for vintage and old bottles and add leaves or a few sprigs of bougainvillea!


The trend: Abstract wall art
"In the upcoming years, I feel the limelight of a space would be unique wall art pieces that add a style quotient to it. Abstract and vintage paintings can be a huge inspiration for interior design ideas and also help define the eventual colour palette for the space. These also act as focal points in a room and gives the viewer a sense of the overall mood board. Wall paintings are easily available at affordable prices, and hence the price would not be a hindrance to go ahead with this element of design. Wall Art brings a sense of texture to the space and acts as the finishing element to make the space feel complete, with a subtle yet striking appeal," says city-based interior designer Vedika Modi.

The Price: Starts at Rs 5,000 per piece

The Places: Available across all offline stores, Urban Ladder, Pepperfry, Housefull, etc.

Tip: The idea is to enhance the interiors and not clutter it. So, as a rule, always ensure the size of the painting is directly proportional to the size of the wall. Also, keep other add-ons in the surroundings to the minimum, to draw the focus entirely on intricate wall art.

Green, and revel in it

The trend: Green spaces
With the surprise political events dominating most of 2016, it’s been a year that needs respite! Pantone was right on cue when they named "Greenery" the 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year — a refreshing and revitalising shade symbolic of new beginnings. In addition to being a colour that symbolises a connection to the outdoors and the promise of spring, green also represents our desire to break out of our digital, hyper-connected lives and connect more with nature! Let’s drink to that!

"This trend was first spotted at New York Fashion Week. Keep in mind that runaway fashion is the interior design industry’s tarot reading. Say hello to mix patterns and statement furniture pieces. Now here’s how can you be on point in 2017," says Tara Khan, Little Bit of Fabulous (LBOF).

The price: From Rs 500 onwards

The Places: Available at various home decor outlets across the city.

Tips: "Go for a choice in fabric on a sofa or chair. Use softer colours to balance the more vivid shade for a harmonious interior that is of-the-moment but always timeless," says Tara Khan of LBOF.

Small pops of  greenery in a neutral design provide a pleasant burst of colour and add the much-needed freshness. This works well for those that may be intimidated to work with such a bold colour. Adding pillows, pottery and even fresh flowers gives neutral rooms a taste of spice," she adds.

Pair greenery with black and white to an add instant dose of drama and style. Lush green window panels fall to the floor and soften the stark graphic geometry of the walls.  

In terms of textures, greenery looks fabulous in velvet, which in turn works beautifully with deep dark paint shades. Enough said. I can’t be the only one now coveting a velvet sofa in greenery.

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