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Lifestyle Fashion and Beauty 25 Dec 2019 How Nabhi Sutra Magi ...

How Nabhi Sutra Magic Box helps to regain healthy skin and lustrous hair

Published Dec 25, 2019, 10:46 am IST
Updated Dec 25, 2019, 10:48 am IST
Your secret to regain a healthy hair and skin.
Nabhi Sutra offers a solution, a magic box that simply helps to go back to my natural soft, spotless and glowing skin and hair even at the age of 35. (Photo: File)
 Nabhi Sutra offers a solution, a magic box that simply helps to go back to my natural soft, spotless and glowing skin and hair even at the age of 35. (Photo: File)

It’s surprising how age changes you, your body, your skin and your hair. As a teenager, we all face our raging hormones, praying hard each day that God blesses us with glowing skin and lustrous hair. Soon, once we are in our 20s, we all end up trying different skin products, applying makeup and trying out the different chemical-based hair colouring and highlighting products to make us look perfect.

Any individual is no different, and as far as anyone can remember, they must have tried a huge variety of skin products, make-up and hair products on a regular basis, simply to look perfect as per say the latest trend. Been there, done that! However, once you enter your 30s, you are struck by self-realization that you have simply damaged your skin and hair, using the whole charade of chemical products. But the first healthy resolution that we turn up to is Ayurveda and all-herbal products to revive both, our skin and hair. Thankfully, Nabhi Sutra offers a solution, a magic box that simply helps to go back to my natural soft, spotless and glowing skin and hair even at the age of 35.


Nabhi Sutra is nothing less than a magic box! The product is 100% herbal and based on the ancient forgotten Ayurveda therapy that helps treat our health conditions from its roots, working through our Nabhi or the Belly Button. According to Shikha Sharma who has recently tried the product,” Initially, I was a little sceptical about using this product but I soon realised there is no harm in trying. After all, I did experiment with my skin and hair with the worst chemical-based products. So, I gave a shot to Nabhi Sutra and within just the first 5 days, I could see the change in my skin and hair. My skin felt supple, brighter and the two small period acnes that I had on my cheeks, subsided. And this all happened without me applying any chemical-based over the counter medicine that is usually prescribed by our dermatologists”,

She further reiterates, ‘Even my hair fall that was caused due to thyroid has reduced considerably. I can feel my skin glow with health and my hair slowly getting back to its healthy form. It’s no longer a cuckoo’s nest on my head. I have been using the product for almost a month now, and I don’t plan on quitting it ever. For me, Nabhi Sutra worked perfectly on my skin and hair”

What Makes Niabhi Sutra Different?

Nabhi Sutra essential oils work their way into our system through our nabhi or the navel. Yes, the small belly button that we thought has no use in our body actually holds the key to almost all our health conditions. The navel connects to almost all the vital organs in our body through veins that dry up after our birth.

According to Swati Sutaria Vakharia, Founder, Nabhi Sutra, “It is only after my personal experience that I recommend customers to try this product for your skin, hair, joint pain and other health conditions that Nabhi Sutra is designed for. It is all herbal and has no side-effect. Just give it a try instead of spending money on your other skincare products. You will be more than satisfied with the results! And that is a guarantee,”

“So, when you add 2-3 drops of the magical oil into your navel and massage it thoroughly, the essential oils open up all the dried up veins in our body, nourishing our body from within, making your skin glow with health,” adds Swati.

This holistic approach when coupled with a good diet, a stress-free lifestyle and some good exercising can do wonders to your skin and hair by increasing the blood circulation throughout our body. The oils help repair uneven skin tone, pigmentation, acne marks, fights dandruff, reduces hair greying, supports hair growth and also remove toxins from our body.