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21 Trendy Layered Feather Cuts For Long Hair

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Published on: November 23, 2022 | Updated on: December 15, 2022

Feather haircuts are still womens favorite when it comes to the best hairstyles. Here we've listed the 21 most lovely feather cuts for long hair.

If you want to experiment with your hairstyle, a feather cut is your best bet. (Image from Shutterstock)

If you want to experiment with your hairstyle, a feather cut is your best bet. (Image from Shutterstock)

When we think of feather haircuts, the 70s actresses pop into our minds. The hairstyle looks so gorgeous and cute that it has still not lost the popularity it enjoyed decades ago. Feather haircuts are still ladies’ favorite when it comes to the best hairstyles. If you have seen Farrah Fawcett, you know which haircut we are talking about.

Feather cut for long hair has gained a lot of popularity for the right reasons. It’s an ideal choice for women who want a good volume at the top of the scalp and sparse hair at the bottom. The hair is cut into thinner layers at the bottom, giving you an inverted triangular look. If you want to experiment with your hairstyle, a feather cut is your best bet. In this post, we’ve listed the 21 cutest and most lovely feather cuts for long hair. Let’s take a look.

21 Best Feather Cut For Long Hair

A lot of the styles that are popular now are remakes of styles that were popular decades ago. When they do come back, though, they look fresh and stylish. One of the most popular hairstyles for both men and women in the 1970s was the feathered cut. You might be wondering why all of a sudden we're talking about this haircut. Long feather cuts are back in style, and they look great. All of your favorite celebrities and people who have a lot of influence are getting this haircut, which has a modern twist. Since the 1970s, feather cuts have changed a lot. Here's everything you need to know about feather cuts.

1.    Partially Highlighted Hair

If you want to add a hint of drama to your hair, try a partially highlighted feather cut. This will make your hair look voluminous. Plus, your face tends to look slimmer when you have a part of your scalp highlighted in light colors. The effects are subtle, and people can easily spot the base hair color. If you don’t want to make your highlights obvious, color them partially. Get soft and thick strands with a light color.

2.    Wavy Layers

If you have good hair density, you should give the wavy feather haircut a shot. The style looks incredibly stunning in people with round faces. It adds volume to your hair, giving it a thick and soft texture. Plus, the wavy layers suit all face shapes. You can also highlight a few strands to make your hair stand out. Be ready to turn heads with a wavy hairstyle.

3.    Long Multi-layers

Give your hair a dramatic effect with this long multi-layer hairstyle. This will give your hair a beautiful texture and make them look bouncier. To create a perfect hairstyle, highlight a portion of your hair with a coffee-brown color. If you are blessed with long tresses but would like to trim them a few inches shorter, you should go for long multi-layers. That’s surely a hairstyle that any woman, regardless of her hair texture, can flaunt.

4.    V-Cut Layered Hair

Thinner at the bottom and thicker at the top, the V-cut hairstyle is people’s go-to choice when getting a haircut. If you can’t pick a fancy hairstyle, go for this gorgeous option, and you’ll look lovely. The feathered layers right below the face make your face appear slimmer and highlight your facial features. As the name suggests, it creates a sharp "V" at the bottom and adds tons of volume to the top, giving a perfect texture to your hair. You can color the layers in light tones to accentuate the feathered cut.

5.    Blonde Wavy Hair

There’s something special about the blonde look that every college-going girl has tried this hair color at some point. The light shade gives your strands a mesmerizing look, especially if they are cut into wavy layers. You can have your lower tresses colored blonde, leaving the upper portion as it is. The feathered layers at the bottom will give your face a sharper texture while making it look a bit elongated.

6.    Natural Layers

The feathered cut offers so many options that you will be spoilt for choices. If you don’t want anything fancy, go for natural layers. You may have seen the Shakira hairstyle. The way she flaunts her natural layers is so stunning and bold that women love to get this chic hairstyle. Shakira has beautifully combined the curls and the layers. You can do it too. This is the best way to create subtle layers that work well with your natural curls. This haircut might sound simple, but it will attract a lot of attention. It’s basically mixing the two hairstyles, so it’s obvious that people will want to copy your look or at least admire it.

7.    Coffee Layers

The best thing about layers is that you get to decide how thick you want them. You can have subtly layered hair that has feathered ends. This party-ready hairstyle is perfect for women who often organize parties or attend formal events where they are supposed to look professional. Coffee shade makes an excellent option for all hairstyles and skin tones. You can have the ends highlighted in a lighter tone. With this feathered haircut, you are sure to make a statement at any event.

8.    Soft Layers

If there’s one hairstyle that can add instant texture to your hair, it’s the soft layers. It looks incredibly stunning on women with full and round faces. The layers below your chin will focus on your jawline, while the long and voluminous tresses near the cheeks will conceal the width, making your face appear slender. You can also experiment with different layer cuts with this hairstyle. For example, mixing curls with soft layers is a wonderful idea. Soft layers look good in people who have extremely thin and fine hair. If you need inspiration for this haircut, check out Olivia Wilde’s soft layers, and you will love to try this hairstyle.

9.    Soft Wavy Layers

If you don’t want your layers to draw attention, soft wavy layers are your best hairstyle. We loved it on Kat Dennings. The 2 Broke Girls actress looked incredibly stunning in this cute hairstyle, and so will you. This hairstyle adds texture and gives your locks a voluminous feel. Kat has chestnut brown hair, and she doesn’t color. Partially highlighted soft wavy layers also look wonderful, but if you like simplicity, we’d recommend you not color your wavy layers.

10.     Boho Blonde Layers

Your haircut has an immense effect on your face shape. If you have a square or diamond face cut, you should try boho-blonde layers. The feathered cut at the end and the boho waves on the sides look mesmerizing. Of all the haircuts mentioned above, this one adds the best texture to your hair, giving them a great deal of volume. It is one of the gorgeous feathered shoulder-length haircuts for women with slim faces.

11.     Straight Fine Feather

Feather cut is one of the few stunning haircuts that look gorgeous on women with fine hair. If you are worried about your thin hair density, try this hairstyle and add a lot of bounce to your hair. It gives an illusion of dense and thick hair. The straight fine haircut is highly recommended for women with a round face shape, as it will accentuate your facial features. Like other haircuts mentioned above, you can highlight the bottom tresses in lighter shades to give them a unique look.

12.     Layers and Feather Cut Combined

If you are confused between the feather and layered cut, go for a blend. If you are a party person or someone who loves experimenting with new haircuts, this style is for you. This cute hairstyle gives your hair a touch of glam and a ton of volume. The haircut will accentuate your tresses and highlight your hair color (whether it’s natural or dyed). To show off your new look, highlight the layers with bright shades.

13.     Textured Layers

Another interesting feather cut for long straight hair is this stunning style that Caroline Channing (2 Broke Girls star) carried flawlessly. It looked so natural and pretty that ever since people saw her in bangs and feathered cuts, they also got this haircut. The haircut is all about slight waves and a feathered look at the bottom.

14.    Bangs and Feather Cut

Now, this is surely one of the most beautiful combinations in haircuts. The bangs create a wonderful contrast to the feathered layers. In the above haircut, Beth had feathered layers with bangs. You can pull it off too. Bangs highlight the soft features of your face. You can straighten your bangs for a contrasting look or part them either on the side or at the center (whatever looks good on your face). This will also give you a lot of options to experiment with your hairstyle. If you are getting bangs, leave your hair color as it is since highlights won’t look good with this hairstyle.

15.     Front and Side Layers

Only women know how hard it is to choose a haircut. You want a feathered haircut, but you want to keep straight hair too. Well, there are options that can help you retain both looks. The front and side layers are subtle. They give your hairstyle a feathered look and frame your face without drawing too much attention toward your hair. You can keep the tresses at the top straight and use a blow dryer to add subtle layers at the bottom.

16.     Extremely Feathered

Feather layer cuts for long hair look great when it’s not overdone. Just a slightly wavy layer is all you need to achieve a stunning look. However, if you want to add drama to your hair, your best bet is this extremely feathered haircut. This one looks good on women with medium-length hair. You can take inspiration from Gabrielle Union. Her hair looked mesmerizing, with drastic feathered waves at the bottom that added a lot of bounce to her hair. This haircut will give you a 2000s vibe.

17.     Freely Feathered Layers

Another dramatic look for women with medium-cut hair is this lovely style. The intensely feathered cut is something that will add drama to your hair and frame your face. If you have an elongated face, this hairstyle will offset that. This haircut is inspired by Felicity Huffman. It includes brown and blonde locks that create a glam look.

18.     Curtain Curls

You don’t necessarily need straight hair to have a feathered cut. Curls also look great with this haircut, given that you get the layers right. Make sure you don’t do anything blunt with natural curls and leave them as they are, at the tip especially. The curls and waves go perfectly well together. We have mentioned one such hairstyle above. This one is for women with natural curls. You can straighten the hair at the top to create wavy layers, leaving the curls untouched at the bottom.

19.     Colored Tips

The best thing about feathered cuts is that you can style the tresses however you like and twist your look by adding colors, curls, waves, and other interesting features. Rose Byrne colored the tips of her hair, giving them a sleek and smooth touch. Keep the top half of your hair straight while coloring the tips. This is the haircut every woman should try at least once. You can have the tip colored brown so that your feathers are highlighted properly.

20. Let it Flow

If you are not in the mood to style your hair, just let the waves flow. With a feathered cut, you can try different hairstyles. Keep your look subtle and natural by running a brush through your waves. There’s no styling, coloring, or any treatment needed. Let your natural wavy layers do wonder. Rosario Dawson pulled off this haircut pretty well. The hairstyle looked heavily layered, but take a closer look, and you will notice how only one long layer gives an illusion of multi-layered hair. The dark colors accentuate her layers beautifully.

21. Full-Bodied Feathered Layer

Courtney Cox never fails to surprise the audience with new, chic haircuts that accentuate her beautiful wavy hair and frame her face. She usually gets a medium cut and feathers out the bottom half. This gives full-bodied glam and volume to her look, making her hair appear thicker than they are.


These were the 21 best feather cuts for long hair. If you want to flaunt a lovely hairstyle and experiment with layers, the feather cut is your best bet. You should especially try them if you have mid or long hair (below shoulder length). Highlight the tips or get bangs to add a unique element.

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