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Kurti Neck Designs

Published Sep 23, 2022, 2:55 pm IST
Updated Oct 31, 2022, 4:14 pm IST
latest kurthi neck designs
 latest kurthi neck designs

A Kurti comes in handy when you can’t select the perfect outfit for a special occasion. Whether you are going out with your friends or taking your kids to the park, just put on a nice Kurti and you are all set to look good. The best part about Kurtis is that they can be paired with just about anything — Patiala pants, denim, leggings, trousers, etc. Kurtis with ripped jeans has also become a trend these days. The most important part about a nice Kurti is its neck design. If you
get it right, you will look flawless. So, are you ready to turn heads? Let’s check out some popular Kurti neck designs that can give you a perfect look for just about any occasion.

Kurti Neck Designs – 25 Trending and Stylish Collection

Kurti neck designs are equally as important as kurti designs. It gives a dull garment character and makes it recognizable. You may be aware that there is a vast selection of kurtis on the market, but are you aware that there is also a vast selection of neck kurti designs? In fact, no kurti is complete without the proper neck design. The following are the trendy Kurti neck designs that can offer you a unique appearance:

1. Square Neck Design

Starting with a simple and elegant Kurti, a square neck design is your best option for formal events. The design looks gorgeous on ladies with pear-shaped bodies and narrow shoulders. The square neckline draws attention toward the shoulder, making them look broader. You can wear these Kurtis with palazzo or trousers — whatever works for you.

2. Halter Neck Design

Give your desi outfit a western touch with a halter neck design Kurti. You can team it up with a palazzo or ripped jeans. The design covers your front neck and exposes the back completely, but since we are discussing Kurtas, halter neck design often involves a strap that’s tied around your neck, leaving nothing exposed (except your shoulders). You don’t need a Dupatta for this outfit. Just pair it with leggings or jeans, and you are good to go.

3. Front High Neck

Who says Kurtis can’t have a backless pattern? We are not talking about the everyday wear Kurtis, but the stylish ones that you wear to parties can have a backless design with a front high neck. In fact, this simple detail in your traditional outfit can add a touch of elegance and transform your simple Kurti into a party-wear dress. Wear it with a Banarasi Dupatta and trousers. This front-neck design for Kurti will definitely draw attention.

4. Boat Neck Kurti Design

This one looks like a U-shaped neck design and resembles a boat pattern. The neckline is smaller than the v-shaped neck, making your shoulder look broader. The best part about boat neck Kurti designs is that they are suitable for women with all face shapes and body types, especially those with small busts. This one, however, doesn’t look good on people with smaller necks and broad shoulders.

5. Heart Neck Design

Are you looking for a simple Kurti neck design? This one is for you, then. As the name suggests, this neckline is shaped like a heart and looks perfect on women of all face shapes and body sizes. You don’t need to have the smaller or largest bust size to flaunt this design. The neckline is pretty attractive and can be teamed up with a pair of jeans, leggings, palazzo, trousers, and nearly everything.

6. V-Neckline

V-neck doesn’t have a good reputation when it comes to traditional Kurtis, especially plunging designs. But, there are ways to flaunt a plunging or broad v-neck without looking “too much”. A v-neck with a high neckline looks perfect. It offers support, holding your v-shaped neckline in place and giving you a decent look. You can also consider a broad v-neck. It is a little bold, but adding a small collar on the top will balance the look.

7. Chinese Collar with Buttons

The Chinese collar with buttons is one such neck design that isn’t going out of fashion anytime soon. It covers your entire neck and gives you a traditional yet classy look. You can also consider wooden buttons to achieve an elegant look. The options in Chinese collar Kurtis are countless. You just need to pick something that suits your body type and preference. Plain Kurtis in this style also looks quite impressive, especially when paired with a Banarasi dupatta.

8. Cross V-neck

A common misconception in India is that cotton Kurtis is not for parties. Ladies mostly buy cotton and handloom outfits for daily wear purposes. A cotton Kurti with a cross v-neck looks better than those heavily embellished dresses. Recently, we have seen an increasing demand for a cross v-neck Kurti that is tight at the waist and flares up. If you are looking for something elegant but in a comfortable material, a cotton Kurti with a cross v-neck is your go-to outfit.

9. Scoop Neckline

Looking for something adorable and sexy at the same time? A scoop neckline is all you need for a romantic dinner date with your better half or a fun time with your friends. It’s a u-shaped neckline, but deeper and broader than usual neck designs. People with oval face shapes and short necks should try this one. You can pair it with a palazzo. You need to pay special attention to the details and the fitting. These Kurtis look good with cigarette pants and a Phulkari dupatta.

10. Keyhole Neckline

This neck design for Kurtis gets its name from its unique keyhole design in the front. It forms an oval hole in the middle of the neck while covering your entire neck and shoulders. If you want to draw attention to your collarbone and the neck, try a Kurti with a keyhole neckline.

11. Collar Neck

This design doesn’t have to be confined to jackets and shirts. You can have a Kurti with a collar neck too, and it’s going to look stunning no matter when and how you wear it. These designs look perfect with Dhoti Salwars and Patiala pants, but you can also try a long-collar neck Kurti with leggings. The best part about collar neck Kurtas is that you don’t need to accessorize your outfit. Just put on a watch and grab a handbag. That’s it! You are all set.

12. Off-shoulder Neckline

An off-shoulder neckline Kurti is a perfect way to give your traditional outfit a modern feel. You might be wondering whether such designs exist. Well, off-shoulder Kurtis might not be very common, but they can make a good party-wear dress. You can pair it with a heavy dupatta and a pair of trousers. Leggings also look pretty good with the off-shoulder neck.

13. Spaghetti Straps

Square neck paired with Spaghetti straps is your go-to Kurti design for parties, formal events, weddings, and whatnot. You can use it for everyday wear or parties. There’s no need for a dupatta, but you can carry it if you want a traditional look. These Kurti designs look the best when paired with palazzo, although you can experiment with jeans too.

14. Cowl Kurti Neck

Are you on the lookout for a trendy neck design for Kurti? Gone are the days when sweaters and winter clothes had a cowl neckline. Today, even Kurtis come in these designs and they look fantastic. The design gives you a princess vibe, especially when you choose light colors. Peach and sky-blue Kurtis with a cowl neck looks lovely. These designs come with an extra layer of cloth draped around your neck. It looks like you are wearing a scarf. It looks good on women
with small and large busts.

15. High Neck Kurtis

Wear a high-neck Kurta for a western look. If you are attending a formal meeting or an event that requires a traditional dress with a western touch, a high-neck kurta is your best bet. It gives you a neat and sophisticated look. The best part is you don’t need any neck accessory, as the high neck design makes a statement. Just wear dangling earrings and pair this kurta with plain
trousers and you are good to go.

16. Round Neck Designs

Sometimes, a simple Kurti is all you need for get-togethers. You can choose a design that comes with embellishments on the neckline or buttons that move down the neck. Whether you are looking for casual wear or something modern and stylish, a round neck design looks perfect in all events and gives you a glamorous look.

17. Straight Neckline

The days when plunging v-necks were in the trend are long gone. While they still look gorgeous, women are now looking for something unique and classy. A straight neckline, for example, has become a trend these days. Whether it’s a plain daily-wear Kurti or a party dress decorated with embellishments, a straight neckline can do wonders for your look. Mirror work also looks lovely on a straight neckline. All you have to do is team it up with the right dupatta and a pair of
nice trousers. Wear hoop earrings and a set of bangles to achieve a traditional Indian look.

18. Open Flap Neck

Another neck design that’s been in trend lately is the oval-shaped Kurti and flap neckline. As mentioned earlier, Kurtis is now treated in the same way as jackets and shirts. Like other outfits, designers are experimenting with all sorts of colors and designs to give it a fancy look. The open flap is one such trendy modern Kurti neck design that looks good on women of all  body shapes and sizes.

19. Peter Pan Kurti

Get a delicate and simple look with a Peter Pan Kurti. Featuring a plain collar with rounded edges and buttons, Peter Pan gives a retro feel and a traditional vibe. These are often long Kurtis, so Salwars and dupattas are not needed.

20. Side Keyhole Kurti

Earlier we mentioned a keyhole in the neck design at the center, but another popular trend is the same oval-shaped hole on the side of the Kurti. If you want the latest boat neck designs for Kurtis with a keyhole on the side, this one is for you. To draw attention to the keyhole, you can have it embellished with Kundan work or stones.

21. One-shoulder Neck

If going off-shoulder on both sides seems a bit too much, you can try a one-shoulder neck instead. This design highlights your shoulders and collarbones. You can accessorize the Kurti with a heavy necklace or a choker. Or, you can avoid necklaces altogether and wear dangling or hoop earrings. One-shoulder necks are usually short kurtas paired with trouser pants or palazzo.

22. Closed Neckline

A closed neckline features a Kurti that can be buttoned to the top. The design looks lovely on plain Kurtis. To enhance the look, you can add embroidery, sequins, and other designs around the buttons. The plain Kurti will also do. If you are an office-goer or a student looking for something simple, a closed neckline is your best option.

23. Crew Neckline

You may have seen crew necklines on tops paired with jeans. Well, this neck design is now commonly seen in Kurtis too. The neck design covers your entire neck and is often sleeveless. The neckline is designed with Kundan and Zardozi work. If that seems too much, simple embroidery will also do. Women with long necks should try indo-western Kurti, especially for parties.

24. One-sided Button

The round neck featuring a patch that holds buttons on a plain Kurta looks stunning. For a formal and simple look, you should try the one-sided button Kurta designs. The same button pattern can be seen on the sleeves. You can also get a centered button panel Kurti. The middle button panel looks super cute on umbrella-style Kurtis. They also look pretty good on simple Salwar Kameez.

25. Beat Studded Neckline

Another neck design that’s in trend lately is the beat and pearl studded neckline. As the name suggests, the neckline features beads and pearls, which are embedded into the neck design and look fantastic.

Bottom Line

Your outfit looks complete with the right accessories, but nothing can give you a perfect look until you wear Kurtis with a seamless neck design. These were the top 25 front and back neck designs for Kurti. Whether you want traditional wear or something modern, the above designs are perfect. Try the ones that look good on you. These designer Kurti back neck designs are for everyday use and party wear.



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