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Sleeveless blouse designs

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Published on: April 22, 2023 | Updated on: April 22, 2023

Give your outfit a western touch with a sleeveless blouse. Here are 15 sleeveless blouse designs that you are going to love

Even the most gorgeous saree looks dull when it isn't paired with the right blouse. Simply put, a blouse can make or break your outfit, especially today when people observe the intricate details on the blouse.  Pexels

Even the most gorgeous saree looks dull when it isn't paired with the right blouse. Simply put, a blouse can make or break your outfit, especially today when people observe the intricate details on the blouse. Pexels

The blouse is the most critical element of the six yards of elegance. Whether it’s a special family get-together or a grand wedding party of your best friend, your blouse will complete your look. And that’s the first thing people will notice in your outfit. Even the most gorgeous saree looks dull when it isn’t paired with the right blouse. Simply put, a blouse can make or break your outfit, especially today when people observe the intricate details on the blouse.

So, to help you pick the right blouse, we have compiled a list of the trending sleeveless blouse designs (both back and front). Be the next showstopper and inspire people to copy your look. We are sure these sleeveless blouse design front and back will give you a celebrity vibe.

15 Modern Sleeveless Blouse Designs Front and Back

A desi look needs a stunning saree paired with a matching blouse. But if you want to add a touch of drama to your look, try a sleeveless blouse. Nothing can match the beauty and elegance of this modern and stylish blouse.

Even a simple blouse looks wonderful when it has a cute and stylish pattern. You just need to find a design that matches your saree pattern and looks good on you. This post will help you with that. We have listed 15 best sleeveless blouse designs, some of which are simple and can be added to your regular-wear wardrobe. Others are for special occasions.
Let’s get started.

•    Cape Style Sleeveless Blouse

Deepika Padukone and Tapsee looked beautiful wearing the black cape-style sleeveless blouse. It’s the best option for ladies who want something modern but don’t want to expose their shoulders. You can have a net fabric for the cape design and wear a sleeveless blouse underneath. Deepika wore the blouse during her Bajirao Mastani promotion and looked flawless.

These blouses come in two varieties — the cape comes separately, or the cape is attached to the blouse. Either way, this is your go-to choice for traditional parties or events that have a desi outfit theme.

Tip: Cape Style blouse makes a statement. You must pair the blouse with a plain chiffon saree or a simple fabric. Don’t go overboard with the accessories. Keep your look simple, and let the blouse do the rest.

•    Sleeveless Blouse with Loops at the Back

This is one of the gorgeous sleeveless modern blouse-back designs. The back has several loops that join the fabric, while the front has a sleeveless pattern. This blouse design is your perfect fit if you want a bold and classy look. There is no embroidery or heavy work needed. Its unique pattern itself looks mesmerizing. This blouse looks perfect with a chiffon saree — both plain and printed. Try to pair it with a bold fabric and print, as this blouse design is all about boldness.

•    High-Neck Sleeveless Blouse

Monalisa wore a purple, embroidered, high-neck blouse that looked incredibly stunning with a net saree. You can flaunt it too. This blouse pattern is perfect for modern parties. Blend a traditional and modern look with this high-neck sleeveless blouse. You can have it embroidered if you are wearing a plain saree or keep it plain and simple. This blouse is the best way to create a contrasting look. The design looks gorgeous on women with all body shapes, hourglass especially.

•    Pearl Embellished Sleeveless Blouse

Inspired by Jacqueline Fernandez, this blouse will sway the audience at the event. If you want something that can turn heads, a pearl-embellished blouse is your best choice. The crocheted strap adds a wow factor to your look, while the plain saree makes your outfit simple. The pearl embellishment looks gorgeous. Rest assured that no one will be able to take their eyes off your outfit.  There is no need to look for a contrasting color or heavy embroidery work. The pearls will do wonders. Pair the blouse with the same color chiffon saree.

•    Gold Colored Mesh Blouse

Tarun Tahiliani has put great effort into making this masterpiece. Deepika Padukone paired this stunning golden mesh sleeveless blouse with an embroidered georgette saree. The design has elegance and class. You will love the mesh fabric. It adds a royal touch to the blouse. The cut adds a contrast to the design, giving it a modern look. Perfect for weddings and other traditional occasions, this gold-colored mesh blouse is ultra-modern and an elegant pick for georgette and chiffon sarees. Since the blouse doesn’t have any heavy work, it will look great with sarees featuring embroidery and embellishments.

•    Halter Neck Tulle Blouse

It’s another gorgeous piece from Tarun Tahiliani’s modern collection. Even though the blouse has no sleeves and has a net fabric covering the neck, it is believed to be inspired by the Gupta period. The neck collar and heavy embellishments of gold and silver on the blouse give it a royal beauty. This golden sleeveless blouse design works for modern and traditional sarees. No matter the event, you are going to look fabulous, flaunting this lovely piece. This one also requires the same colored chiffon or georgette saree.

•    Thin Strap Black Sleeveless Blouse

Every woman has at least one black blouse in her wardrobe. If you wear a saree on all occasions or on an everyday basis, you must have 2-3 sleeveless blouses with thin straps. They come in handy when you can’t find the right blouse for a designer saree or a fancy lehenga. You can pair this black blouse with just about any color saree, and rest assured, you will look gorgeous. The blouse is edgy with thin straps and has a casual front and back design. There’s nothing extraordinary. Pair it with a simple saree if you are attending a formal event or an embroidered one for a special occasion. This is the most versatile pattern on this list.

•    Round Neck Blouse with n Attached Necklace

Inspired by Tamanna Bhatia, this extraordinarily hot red saree looks even hotter with a gorgeous sleeveless round-neck blouse featuring a bronze necklace. However, as the blouse is drawing all the attention, it’s best to wear it with a simple and plain saree. You can accessorize this look with simple jewelry, preferably bronze bangles and rings. The necklace is already attached to the blouse, so that won’t be needed. Wrap your hair in a bun and grab a bag. And you are good to go.

•    Lace Blouse with Back Straps

This one is the right choice for women looking for sleeveless blouses with a sexy back. The front is pretty simple with a lace design, and the back has straps featuring a set of buttons that take the style and design of the blouse to a whole new level. People loved this blouse on Anamika Khanna. The pale pink color looked just flawless, while the back is all that you need in an outfit to turn heads. Anamika paired the blouse with an embellished silk saree. You can wear it with a printed chiffon saree too, but nothing beats the embroidered saree with this modern blouse.

•     Dual Strapped Sleeveless Blouse

Satya Paul has given the fashion industry some of the most gorgeous blouses, and this one is just one of his beautiful creations. As the name suggests, the blouse comes with two straps tied at the back. There is no embroidery or embellishing work. Just a plain blouse with dual straps that attract the attention of the viewers. It’s a party wear blouse. You can pair it with a printed Or plain chiffon saree or a lightly-embroidered saree to complete your look. Be ready to rock the party with this ultra-modern and sexy blouse. If this doesn’t add a touch of glam to your look, we don’t know what will. Rock the party with this chic blouse design and a printed chiffon saree. We are sure your guests will love your taste in fashion.

•     Patch Work Blouse with Collar

Another great sleeveless design pattern people absolutely admire on actress Shilpa Shetty is the sheer white blouse with patchwork and a gold collar. She totally rocked the look with a lace front saree. This is for those special occasions when you want all eyes on you. For example, bachelor parties or your birthday bash require this over-the-top blouse that can get you ready for just about any event.

Tip: The blouse already draws too much attention. With all the patchwork on sheer fabric and the golden collar, this blouse is your go-to choice for sarees that are plain. Do not pair it with an embroidered saree or anything that’s too heavy for the event. Your blouse should make a statement.

•     Sleeveless Backless Blouse Design

Who said you couldn’t mix western and traditional? We have already mentioned a few examples of how beautiful this extraordinary combination looks. If you want a fancy ethnic outfit, try this sleeveless backless blouse design with an embroidered saree or a plain one (whatever works for you). These blouses often come with a Dori that makes them even more gorgeous. The design is simple and quite versatile. You can pair it with a Banarsi saree, a simple chiffon saree, or a heavily embroidered saree. It’s for ladies who want a traditional-cum-western look. You can also pair this blouse with a lehenga or a pair of jeans to add an oomph factor to your outfit.

•     Silk Blouse with Frills

Frills is in trend. Whether it’s kurtas or a top, people get frills on the sleeves to create a gorgeous outfit. And it works. If there’s one thing that can take your outfit to a new level, it’s frills. It’s one of those fashion elements that add life to a dull outfit. Now, frills are not just for the Kurtas or elbow-length saree blouse. Even sleeveless blouses can have frills, and believe us, they look wonderful. The design is common in silk blouses, though you can have them on any fabric. There is a myriad of styling options when it comes to this pattern. A quick search on the internet will surely present the most beautiful frill blouses.

•    Designer Sleeveless Blouse with Heavy Work on the Back

Gone are the days when people used to focus on the saree. Today, designers are focusing on blouse patterns. A nice blouse can be worn with any plain saree, and this one is the perfect example. You can have a blouse featuring mirror work on a sheer fabric at the back and a simple design on the front. Or, you can buy a heavy-work blouse with embroidery on the front and the back. This design looks good on a low-neck blouse, so it’s perfect for the summer. The blouse looks gorgeous with a plain silk saree. Just put on bangles and a simple necklace, and you are good to go.

•     Designer Red Sleeveless Blouse

If you are the bride-to-be or are attending your loved one’s wedding, this blouse is all you need to rock the event. As the name suggests, it is a bridal blouse in red color and with golden embroidery. The sleeveless design with a back Dori gives this blouse a modern finish. The pattern looks incredibly stunning with a lehenga or saree. You can wear it on your reception day or during the wedding functions. The intricate designs are lovely, and the blouse will look fabulous even if you don’t wear a heavy-work lehenga with this. You just need to choose the right accessories, and you are all set.


Sleeveless blouse designs look pretty well with sarees. As mentioned in the article, even designers are focusing on sleeveless patterns in blouses, as it gives your saree a modern touch. For those who love mixing ethnic and western wear, this gorgeous combination is just the right way to do that. You can accessorize this blouse with rings, bracelets, hoop earrings or dangling earrings, etc. Hope you have found a sleeveless blouse that fits your needs.

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