Dancing in the Purple reign

When it comes to the trends for the Autumn Winter season, it's the royal colour, shearling and quilt for the divas.

The blossoms of spring, the brightness of summer, the dreary shades of monsoon are behind us. While we spend the rest of August giving our livers a much-needed break from the “fun in the sun” the best is yet to come.

Some call it the festive revelry, some call it celebrating the year that was, some call it the peak of the business cycle, some call it the fun times ahead and some don’t bother with labels... which ever bracket you belong to the fun part of the year in the tropics is upon us.

Starting September, the entire retail universe does a shape shift. The bold and brazen colours of spring and summer give way to muted tones of Autumn/ Winter. The flirty and playful silhouettes that reflect “fun in the sun” give way to indulgence and celebration.

Yes, fashion takes a page from human behaviour. The trends from the bright summer time transcend to fall and winter. Let’s see what this year’s trends celebrating the Autumn Winter season have in store for us.

Purple reign
Punning on the classic rock beat, this is a popular trend across designers and brands, in off the peg streetwear and couture runway styles. Purple reign — I’m not making this up, is one of the most popular trends in the upcoming season. It is, without doubt, THE colour of the season. It ran through almost every runway in some form, be it bold head-to-toe looks or smaller accents and accessories. Whether you prefer deep, regal tones or light, floaty hues, this season just make sure you're adding purple to your wardrobe.

One of those “repeat cos it works” trends. Shearling has been doing the rounds in popular fall-winter trends since 2014 and it seems to be omnipresent in the upcoming season too. A trend that transcends genders, when layering up the textures of shearling work with both structures male silhouettes and dramatic female silhouettes.

Quilt it up
Fall winter is all about layering. No matter how harsh or non-existent the winters really are, it’s become a bit of a “look” to play with layers. Quilted or puffed jackets while lending a sporty attitude, accent a silhouette. Short-cropped, mid-length or long coats, quilted jackets add that sharpness to your fall/ winter wardrobe.

While we brace ourselves for the fun filled Autumn/ Winter season coming up replete with fun, frolic and festive indulgences; give that wardrobe an update and Keep it Sharp!

— A fashion aficionado, film maker, script writer, stylist and marketing junkie, the writer indulges in the latest fashion and currently drives

Marketing for youth fashion brands in Indus League — A division of FLF.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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