Indian mother on the ramp

Published Jun 20, 2017, 12:11 am IST
Updated Jun 20, 2017, 12:11 am IST
All set to represent India at the Mrs United Nations Pageant to be held in Jamaica soon, Neepa Singh is on an inspirational high!
Neepa Singh
 Neepa Singh

Winning the crown is just a matter of courage and not age. And Neepa Singh, who grabbed honours at Mrs India Earth 2016, has proved just that. Here’s her take on what keeps her going...

Forging a fort of fame
“I got into the pageant Mrs India Earth 2016, when my son filled in the form unintentionally. I took it up as a challenge, and I finished with amazing accolades,” she starts, adding, “Now, I feel honored to represent my country as a finalist at the Mrs United Nations Pageant to be held at Jamaica this July... it’s been quite a ride.”


Dad power
Speaking about how her father has been a springboard for all her success, Neepa Singh recounts, “I have always idolised his strong-willed nature, optimism and the never-give- up spirit of a fighter.”

Bred in a middle-class Gujarati set-up, Neepa says, “My husband and son are very supportive in all my endeavors and are proud of my journey.” She strongly feels that it is the family’s trust that can push one to reach greater heights.

Love what you do, do what you Love...
With a variety of interests like dancing, listening to music, solving puzzles and participating in several debates, she feels the need to prioritise and manage time to be effective at work and home. Neepa quotes, “My success mantra is a combination of being fit, beautiful and happy, all at the same time,” which, in her opinion, comes from the lessons that her father taught in her life.

Planning the Platter
“I don’t diet,” declares Neepa, adding “When I am hungry, I eat in small portions at regular intervals. I also workout every day to keep myself balanced and fit.”

Dreams for tomorrow
“As an admirer of nature and Indian culture, I always feel the need to conserve and decipher the age-old herbal traditions,” she shares. This affinity for her culture and tradition has pushed her to work with the tribal population, helping them find jobs in rural India. She aspires to be an inspiration for young globe-trotters, and also dreams of having her wax statue at Madame Tussauds!

Social Activist or Socially Active?
 “Society plays a very important role in your position and success,” she reveals. “I think social platforms are of great use in order to reach out to people for recognition — one for the self and for the work you do,” Neepa quips.  

Contest for the Crown
Neepa Singh is confident that she’d bring the crown home from the Mrs United Nations Pageant. She concludes saying, “It is tougher to compete in a ‘Mrs’ than a ‘Miss’ beauty pageant, as married women eventually share more responsibilities and have health issues that need to be dealt with.”