How Fashion Choices Can Impact Your Mood and Confidence

Ever noticed how putting on your favourite outfit can make you feel more confident right away? There is no denying the fact that clothes have a positive influence on our attitude and confidence that extends beyond more fashion. In addition to reflection of our personalities, what we choose to wear also shapes how others perceive us. Thus, mindful outfit selection not only allows individuals to portray themselves appropriately but also boosts their self-esteem.

Fashion today has come a long way from being entirely about trendy outfits to becoming a platform for creative self-expression, giving people a sense of identity and confidence. Whether it is adults or kids, the right outfit can instantly lighten and brighten the mood. Especially when it comes to young children, there are moments where parents are seen imposing their outfit choices on their kids which results in them getting all grumpy and gloomy. However, allowing children the freedom to dress however they like can instantly improve their mood and boost their self-confidence. For example, you might want your child to wear that classy shirt to the birthday celebration, but you never know what a comfortable t-shirt can do to lift their spirits and allow them to make the most of the occasion. Therefore, allowing youngsters the opportunity to explore their own outfit choices will go a long way towards boosting their happiness and self-assurance.

Ways fashion choices can impact one's mood and confidence

Role of colours: Different colours represent various emotions. Whether you are an adult or a youngster, wearing different colours can evoke a range of feelings and alter your mood. While light and sober colours might sound good for you as a grownup, bright colours could be ideal for your youngster in exhibiting the type of energy they possess. Bright hues like hot pink, brilliant blue, and yellow add a sense of energy and enjoyment to children's apparel, while also improving their mood. Be it a birthday party or a day out, your kid will never say no to wearing brightly coloured clothes since they are indicative of positive energy, making them feel more alive and upbeat.

Power of comfort: The days when fashion was all about fitting into an uncomfortable attire just to ace a trend are long behind. Modern-day individuals prioritize comfort over everything else as it not only aids them in finding solace in their own sense of style but also enhances their confidence. The same is true for today's youngsters; they tend to favour comfortable clothing since it makes them feel at ease and well-adjusted, enabling them to walk around with confidence and freedom. When children are conscious of their comfortable clothing, they are more likely to engage in activities, interact with their peers, and positively express themselves.

Promotes a sense of happiness: The moment we slip into our go-to piece of clothing, our mood automatically becomes more cheerful and pleasant. In a similar vein, youngsters also feel happier and more elated when they put on their favourite outfit, which improves their overall confidence. In the past, parents would impose their fashion preferences on their kids and pay little regard to their likings and interests, which had a negative impact on their moods. However, now present-day parents are providing their children with the room to make their own fashion decisions, which not only makes them happier but also helps them build self-esteem.

Sparks creativity and innovation: In this modern-day fashion world, creativity and innovation have evolved to become the very foundation of a unique outfit. Gone are the days when individuals chose to settle down for anything and everything. In order to set themselves apart from the crowd, people today look forward to exploring, experimenting, and being creative with their clothing. This as a result promotes a sense of individuality and confidence in them which further boosts their self-esteem. Similar to adults, giving children the freedom to explore and experiment with their attire fosters in them a sense of independence, which in turn improves their mood and self-confidence.

Make your own mark!

In addition to being an essential requirement, clothing serves as a potent medium for self-expression and a window into our innermost beliefs and emotions. Every facet of fashion, from the colours we choose to wear to how our clothes fit and appear, has an impact on how we feel psychologically and interact with the environment.

Whether for adults or children, the correct piece of apparel can quickly elevate mood and instill confidence. Thus, instead of becoming fashion dictators, parents must allow their children to dress in ways that make them feel positive, joyful and free.

This article is authored by Ankita Dwivedi, Founder, LQ Milano.

( Source : Guest Post )
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