Mystic mane: Aura hairstyles for the spiritual ones


17 December 2022

Colouring hair to reflect ones aura is the latest fad

Auras can help with colour matching because different colours vibrate at different levels. What is going on with our chakras can cause our auras to shift. Aura haircuts and hair colours are the latest trend among those with a spiritual bent.
When we take care of our inner world through meditation, good sleep, eating well, following our hearts, and so on, our true aura will shine through, say experts.

Kelly Rich, Reiki Master and host of the Own Your Intuition podcast, says “Our head is surrounded by our hair colour and by channelling the power of certain colours we can hope to invite change in the right direction into our lives.”

What is aura?

“Aura is an invisible layer that everyone carries and is often the first reason to connect with or spend time with someone. Another way to view the aura is through the lens of chakras and colours, which range from the blue of the sea and sky to the white of snowfall, green of plants to brownish of the earth,” says Sidhharrth S Kumaar, astro-numerologist and founder of NumroVani. “These colours can be found within the human body in the form of 7 chakras, which act as energy coordination centres to reflect specific aspects of life,” he says.

Sidhharrth S Kumaar, astro-numerologist

Each of the chakras carries energy of a certain colour. For instance, Root Chakra (Manipurna) is represented by Red. “A person with red being predominant in the aura can opt for a ‘layer cut’ hairstyle as it will complement their aura and help the in channelising their energy along the right path,” says Sidhharrth. What better way to direct energy than by changing the colour of your hair? “We project an immediate impression of ourselves by using different colours,” he adds.

Auras can be thought of as the energy emitted by people. “Some people make you nervous, while others make you feel at ease. This could be interpreted as a reaction to the energy they emit. We are drawn to people who exude a calm, soothing aura. The colours we wear and the colour of our hair all reflect in the aura we have. I love my hair in its natural form, but I do like to give it soft voluminous curls with gold highlights,” says Sunayna Malhotra, artist.

What’s your aura colour?

If you're feeling confident and creative, a swirl of red and orange may appeal to you; if you prefer a calm, compassionate expression, a blue-green hue may seem suitable. “I am a deeply religious person. I am a firm believer in karma. And I believe that everyone has an aura, whether positive or negative, that greatly influences others. And the aura you carry is responsible for your happiness, your work, and everything else..Maybe I'm an Indigo Shag Bang, which is curious, spiritual, and empathetic,” says Dr. Jaishree Sharad, vice-president of the Cosmetic Dermatology Society of India (CDSI) and CEO of Skinfiniti Aesthetic Skin and Laser Clinic

Dr. Jaishree Sharad

Mystic match

There is a mountain of evidence pointing to the critical role that energy plays in our mental health. “Our aura may change depending on what is going on with our chakras. When things are going well, your aura may shine brightly (good sleep, inner work, tapping into your heart). In terms of beauty, our auras are similar to how we appear when we feel our best. Our true aura will emerge as we care for our inner world through meditation, restful sleep, a healthy diet, following our hearts, and so on. Perhaps our auras are responsible for the ‘glow’ we occasionally experience. Before beginning any hair care routine, you must first analyse your hair type and determine the root causes of your hair problems,” says Vani Ahuja, Co-Founder & Director, NatureCode.

Vani Ahuja

Aura Colour Chart

* Red is associated with passion and a desire to initiate positive change.

* Orange symbolises fertility, confidence, independence, and health.

* Yellow, also known as blonde, is associated with intelligence, business skills, and wealth.

* Green is linked to the environment, as well as with love, fidelity, trust, harmony, and healing.

* Blue is a calming colour associated with the arts, healing, and a broad perspective.

* Indigo represents advanced intuition or sensitivity on the spiritual plane.

* Violet is a mystical colour that signals love of humanity as well as an ethical person.

* White is associated with boundless energy and creativity.

* Magenta is known for vision and originality.

* Pink represents unconditional love, nurturing, gentleness, and reconciliation.

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