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Published on: February 17, 2022 | Updated on: February 17, 2022

It's not just about cut, sheen and bounce. Whatever style you choose, a healthy head of hair ups your confidence level

Dr Monisha Aravind (Photo by arrangement)

Dr Monisha Aravind (Photo by arrangement)

Watching high fashion series on Netflix or flipping through pages of the global glossies, one can’t help but notice posh hair. And often, we cannot take our eyes off it. Be it a champagne-streaked halo of lush, well-behaved waves or sleek and silky straight hair breezily embracing a glamorous face, hallmarks of good hair are all over telly soaps and films. Expensive hair in the form of a classy cut, luxurious sheen and a natural bounce is a must-have style statement these days.

Those who spend on skin are now ensuring their hair matches their focus on flawless complexion, says Dr Monisha Aravind of Armoraa who is the expert in skindulgence.

People from Chennai and other places down south are lining up for this celeb doctor who says her mantra is to help "women and men find empowerment through confidence and a better sense of self"

The lady who has some celebrity clients, though she’s reluctant to name them as she’s not the bragging type, says, "Looks alone are never important. I wasn’t raised in a family who gave importance to beauty. I was raised in surroundings which gave importance to knowledge, power, skills. According to me, beautiful is the way you carry yourself and it comes from within, not just your skin; it’s way deeper." And adds, "My goal is about nurturing inner wellness and with a keen focus on skin and hair solutions."

Dr Monisha says, "I always ask women to strike a perfect balance between cared-for and carefree. In all honesty, a client can have hair that is exceptionally long or short but we need it to always respond to wind, finger tips tossing it and it needs to have life. Relaxed glamour is what I recommend for hair style in general. It needs to look healthy and have enough vibrancy in it to suit an outing. One needn’t always go for a blow dry before an event if one cares for hair on a regular basis."

Stunning hair needn’t always be expensive or over worked upon. The always ironed look or a tonne of extensions isn’t the answer. What one should bank on is hair that is well cared for, conditioned and healthy at the roots.

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