These terrible fashion trends are making a comeback

Six hideous fashion trends that are here to stay!

Washington: Some extremely hideous fashion trends are ruling right now and are showing no signs of slowing down. Ugly fashion is no longer just a passing trend but seems like it is here to stay.

I bet you can't scroll through your Instagram feed for a very long time without coming across a pair of chunky 'dad' sneakers, loose-fitting baggy jeans, a bucket hat or the recent revivals of Birkenstocks and Uggs. The fashion world seems to be throwing away the rulebook out the window and experimenting with hideous trends, reported CNN.

This wave of unconventional designs has been on the rise for a few years now, but the ugly clothing trends are no longer niche, they have officially gone mainstream now.

But what's behind the staying power of this unconventional fashion? Some say it's a reaction to decades of over-sexualized women's clothing, from high heels to bustiers. In the modern age, women are re-evaluating their roles in society and choosing comfort over style.

In an era of Instagram influencers and selfies, these hideous fashion trends are just another way to stand out or make a statement about nonconformity. Some ugly fashion choices are pretty comfortable or a sign of collective confidence with women wearing what they want.

Whatever the reason behind the trends maybe, if this fashion shift is giving women the license to express their individuality, we're all for it!

The ugly fashion trends are taking on texture, shapes, prints, and silhouettes in unique ways from bedding-inspired quilting to utilitarian-style lug-sole shoes to ultra-baggy denim to extra loose clothing to some odd prints.

So, if you're ready to go all out and give these looks a try, here's a list of six must-have hideous fashion styles that are sure to keep you trendy this season!

Square-toe shoes

If you passionately follow fashion trends and Instagram influencers, it's more than likely that you've seen bloggers and stylish celebrities wearing ultra-structured square-toe shoes.

Italian high fashion brand Bottega Veneta's square-toe mules have ruled all summer, and women can't get enough of the weird-looking footwear.

While all these big brands can burn a hole in your pocket, luckily, there are plenty of boots and sandals available that are on the more affordable side. Try pairing them with a baggy denim jean, a sleek trouser or a tailored suit for a bold yet chic look.

Baggy denim

Denim trends seem to change faster than any other style, and this fall, baggy denim is making a major comeback. Seems like people are loving the unconventional looks one can create with a pair of baggy denims and are going all out by coupling them up with anything they like.

As seen on some fashionistas -- Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Hailey Bieber, the baggier the jean, the better.

One can find a pair of baggy denims at every price point, from designer hotcakes that will dent your pocket to modest street market versions. The trend is being embraced by all age groups owing to the mix of comfort and style it delivers. They find a place with diverse groups of people from the blazer brigade to teenagers and even the high-end fashion stylists.


Who doesn't love staying in bed with a warm quilt? Probably everyone, and it is now being adopted by the fashion world.

One of this season's biggest texture trends is quilting, and you'll spot it on everything from jacket to shoes to bags and more. Fashion influencers can be seen rocking quilted leather jackets, mules, pumps, and clothing all over Instagram.

Utilitarian boots

Grunge-inspired looks have been influencing designers' runway collections and they're a major trend this season. The punk-rock style is being mixed with romantic details such as lace, frills and ruffles, as well as one of the season's biggest shoe trends -- utilitarian boots, giving it a perfect punch of fusion.

The unique boots feature lug soles, combat-styles, and chunky platforms.

Prairie dresses

The prairie-inspired dressing is one odd trend that is hard to pull off. The high-neck silhouette is accompanied by exaggerated ruffles and puff sleeves adds just the right amount of drama to the dressing.

To pull this look off, pair your prairie dress with utilitarian boots or a stylish pair of pumps and you are good to go.

Boiler suits

A 90s trend, which is making a major comeback is Boiler suits. Inspired by military flight suits, this season's boiler suit fashion trend is hands-down one of the hardest hideous trends to rock. Meant to be worn as oversized, these trendy jumpsuits look ultra-cool when paired with sneakers, gladiator sandals or mules.

The arrival of such trends marks a major turning point in the world of fashion, showing how we have collectively thrown away the rule book while still being in vogue.

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