Designing her way to the top

11-year-old Apeksha, who started designing at the age of seven, is reportedly the youngest fashion designer in the country.

Apeksha’s mother Prasina used to get many complaints from the school her daughter is studying in. The issue was that young Apeksha was always scribbling in her book, and not concentrating during classes. Prasina and her husband Binoj realised that their daughter’s talent lay in drawing costume designs. “We talked to her and found out about her love for designing. One month before her seventh birthday, Apeksha came to me and asked whether she could design her own birthday dress. I agreed, and she sketched the design, which we all liked. That’s when she started designing,” says Prasina, adding, “We wanted to encourage her, and so decided to enrol her in one of the best institutes in Dubai. We went to Mirna Elhage Fashion Institute. Impressed by her vast collections of designs and portfolio, the management agreed to provide admission without considering the age criteria. Now, it’s been three months and she has cleared the first level graduation examination.”

Though she is just a 11-year-old, Dubai-based Apeksha’s love for fashion is amazing. Apeksha and her parents are currently in Chennai on a vacation. “Though I started off by designing dresses for myself, I am now designing dresses for my cousins and relatives. Everyone is supportive of my work and they encourage me to push the boundaries,” she says.

Apeksha, who is reportedly India’s youngest fashion designer, has entered URF National Records, World Records (India), and Assist World Records as the youngest fashion designer in the country. When quizzed about how she manages both, her studies and designing, Apeksha is quick to respond. “My weekends are dedicated only to designing. I try and finish all my school work before the weekend starts.”

The young girl wants to become a fashion designer and pursue a career in the industry. “I want to take my masters in fashion from France and later a doctorate in the same.”

She confesses that before turning seven, she used to draw and scribble like any other kid. “I used to draw nature, skies, and so on. Somehow, I started loving fashion and dedicated more time to it,” says the prodigy, who has created 105 unique designs so far.

Though Apeksha loves Coco Chanel’s designs, she is a great fan of city-based Sidney Sladen’s designs as well. So, what would her lunchtime topic discussion in school be? “Of course, it is fashion. My friends know my love for fashion and they encourage me to come up with some quirky designs,” she says with a chuckle.

Apeksha is also preparing to do her own ramp show soon, “I am working on it. I want to try some new designs,” she says. She wishes to establish and expand her brand, Apek.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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