Your collection has to be the showstopper: Anita Dongre

Designer Anita Dongre talks about her upcoming collection, work ethics and a lot more.

Anita Dongre, who has been in the fashion industry for the last two decades, has built one of the most successful fashion houses in the country. Anita, who will bring the curtains down at the forthcoming Lakmé Fashion Week (LFW) Summer Resort 2017, says that she doesn’t believe in having Bollywood stars as showstoppers for her show. Edited excerpts from the interview:

While a lot of designers prefer having celebrity as showstoppers. Do you think you can have a successful show without one?
I think when you start out; there is pressure on young designers, where they feel thataa showstopper is all that makes your show. It’s a pressure that’s unfair. I would still tell the young designers that they don’t need a showstopper.

In today’s world of democratic fashion, you can be a successful fashion designer with your talent. If you see my career graph, I have used showstoppers only sometimes. For most of my shows, I don’t have showstoppers and I have been successful. Your collection has to be the showstopper.

These days, most designers have started creating wearable clothes. How do you look at this change?
This has happened specifically because of the entire digital boom. Today, your consumer is looking at the global trends and wants to buy it. The ramp is becoming a platform to sell your designs to the world. Even when I was designing 14 years ago, I used to design for my customers and not anyone else.

Today there are several markets that sell fake designer clothes…
It’s a huge issue. You can find them in stores and even on Instagram. I don’t think we have been copied as much as we are being today. Something needs to be done. The copycats can never copy your quality. The consumer too needs to understand that one needs to take pride in buying the original.

How would you define your clothes? Do you feel your designs are way ahead of its time?
My style is essentially timeless and feminine. I meet my clients who have bought my clothes 15 years ago and say that it is still so beautiful that they still haven’t given it away. I enjoy hearing such comments because it’s also about the quality.

Despite being a well-known designer, is there a sense of nervousness when you showcase your collection at a fashion show?
It feels nice and special. I am always nervous before every show, shoot and campaign. Every time feels like the first time.

Tell us a little about the collection you are going to showcase at LFW?
It’s inspired by Lakmé and we have combined everything that I believe in, in terms of sustainability. My inspiration this time is Rajasthan. This time too, my focus will be on young, contemporary clothing.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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