Women are using needle and thread for weird facelift promising immediate results

The procedure involves putting a thread in the skin using a needle and promises results in just 30 minutes.

People across the world spend a fortune on trying to look younger than their age as a large number of options ranging from cosmetics to surgeries are available for the same. But every once in a while a bizarre trend takes over due to this obsession with defying age, as people desperately try to keep effects of ageing at bay.

The latest among these weird trends is a non-surgical procedure which involves women using a needle and thread to tighten their skin. The trend is being called the lunchtime facelift as it promises results in just 30 minutes and a lot of women are going for it.

The Rs 2.5 lakh puppet facelift is not for the weak hearted as it is carried out by inserting a re-absorbable thread in the face with a needle. But a practitioner told The Daily Mail that the seemingly scary procedure is completely painless as the individual doesn’t feel the needle going in.

The treatment defines the facial outline and can be used to lift cheeks, brows and the neck while an anaesthetic is used with adrenaline to remove bruising and reduce the pain. The process is recommended for people between the age of 40 and 65.

The thread is made of polyactic acid and has 3mm cones attached to it. These cones anchor the tissue below the skin while holding the thread in place as they stay inside and stimulate the production of collagen that stops after people cross the age of 30.

The process is being touted as the future of anti-ageing treatment.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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