Pitter–Patter PANACHE!

Published Jul 15, 2018, 12:20 am IST
Updated Jul 15, 2018, 12:20 am IST
This monsoon, you don’t need to change your entire closet to match the season.
Sonam Kapoor who is known for her eccentric style pairs an Indian kurta with a culotte
 Sonam Kapoor who is known for her eccentric style pairs an Indian kurta with a culotte

Monsoon is usually associated with dim and dull clothes, it’s raining cats and dogs outside and not many can think of style, with the task of braving the rains. While the season is not considered a time for fashion, designers and young folk point to this time as the best for fashion. Contrasting to the common notion, monsoon is usually the season that sees a blend of unconventional trends and classic styles.

“The start of a cooler season definitely gets me excited. I personally love to layer my clothes and monsoon is perfect for layers,” says Pooja Gajraj, wardrobe stylist and accessory designer based in Bengaluru. She states that one need not go all out and ready for the monsoons with a complete ensemble that fits the season’s trends. You can add some fun seasonal accessories like a pair of rubber ankle boots or cute looking rain hats or a light weight trench coat over a regular outfit to give the complete a look an added oomph.


The current season’s trends are what women all over are opting for; placing aesthetics and functionality on the same platform these trends allow women to make fashion choices without the fear of slipping into a puddle while walking down the city’s streets.

“These are an all time favourite. I do not wait for the monsoons to wear them but they are apt if your everyday routine involves walking down the streets, through muck and sludge,” says Patricia D’Costa, freelance model and fashionista. Culottes are comfortable knee length trousers that can be worn with T-shirts to give it a modern look or you could pair them with traditional short kurtas to create an indo-western outfit.


Wellington boots or funky flip flops wellies are a pair of sturdy boots, apt for the monsoon. They are stylish and can be worn on casuals and formals.

“We haven’t caught on to this trend well enough, but we should. Wellingtons are a great way to express your personality, also they make perfect sense in monsoon,” says Pooja. There is no outfit that a pair of boots cannot be part of, they look great with high-waisted trousers, pencil cut jeans, a cutesy skirt or shorts.

Adding to this Patricia states that she prefers funky flip flops for a short walk to the store. They can be teamed with casual wear and look great with some boy friend jeans with a casual, hip hoodie.


Trendy Outerwear
You probably know of rain coats and hoodies that are an instinctive choice before heading out. There are a ton of other options that can be worn to create layers and add style to a regular, every day out fit. A well fitting trench coat, bomber jackets, cool zip-up jackets, hoodies, A-line utility jacket, wine cheaters are some of the many options available. Patricia recommends going in for colours that pop and bedazzle. Not everything needs to be bright, balance the monotones with pops of colour, she suggests.

Patricia also particularly loves tunics due to their length and sleeves. When paired with the right footwear and accessories, she states that their versatility makes them an apt pick for the rains. “You can style them in plenty of ways, wear a belt and make it a cool dress or wear it on a pair of legging or palazzos. There is a lot you could do with a tunic,” she states. You could also wear it on a top and trouser.


Athleisure Clothing
The look has blurred the lines between casual and active wear. Pooja recommends going in for this, “ The Athleisure look is great for monsoons, it’s comfy and trending right now, and now you can actually wear gym clothes to work.” The most widely caught on trend is pairing black leggings with a cropped jacket, most women feel comfy and opt for athleisure clothing.  Monsoons are all about being comfortable, as are all seasons and this look definitely gives you a sporty chic look.

Transparent Plastic
Adding to the many trends, Pooja says that anything that is transparent plastic, be it ankle boots, back pack or jackets. It might sound outrageous but it’s a major 2018 trend around the world.


Fabrics to go for
Pooja recommends, mod acrylic, most knits are made of this fabric. It’s easy to wash, keeps you warm and comes in very fashionable silhouettes. It’s great for sweatshirts, sweaters, and jumpers.

“Cotton knit, although cotton is considered a summer fabric. I’d still stick to cotton for inner layers like a tee. It’s breathable, and let’s you layer without getting overly warm inside. Cotton blends too are just right for humid monsoons. No creasing cotton blends come in great colours,” she states. She further adds, “Relaxed cuts and silhouettes are what’s trending as an ethos in fashion now.


Designers are straying away from the conventional understanding of fit. Now garments offer more fullness and are more comfortable versus figure fitting.” Go all out and look fashionable this monsoon, and remember to sport
that umbrella as you get style ready for the season.