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10 Must-Have Printed T-Shirts for Men

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Published on: May 15, 2023 | Updated on: May 15, 2023

Check out these fashionable styles and patterns for printed tees that are must-haves for every man's closet

T-shirts can be your savior on days when you are too tired to choose the perfect outfit for a dinner party or a friend's reunion.  Pexels

T-shirts can be your savior on days when you are too tired to choose the perfect outfit for a dinner party or a friend's reunion. Pexels

Every wardrobe needs an adequate number of stylish, trendy, and casual t-shirts irrespective of gender. T-shirts can be your savior on days when you are too tired to choose the perfect outfit for a dinner party or a friend's reunion. No matter what the season or festival is, t-shirts come to our rescue.

What’s more, t-shirts play an integral part in developing our outfit aesthetics, as they can pair with any accessories and look. The man’s wardrobe is incomplete without different kinds of t-shirts for men that are the staple wear for every gentleman. These are one of the most comfortable go-to outfits and offer a versatile and stylish appearance.

Prints and patterns are vital in men’s clothing, as they set the mood for the day and reflect the wearer’s personality. Adding a mixture of various prints and patterns in a men’s wardrobe helps to create a range of outfits, thus looking more fashionable.

Some recent trends and changes in fashion have led to multiple modifications of patterns, prints, and styles in modern-day t-shirt models, such as the cartoon printed or 3D printed t shirts for men. Earlier, patterned and printed t-shirts were more common in women’s closets than men’s. But modern-day men have grown more stylish than ever. Hence, they prefer vibrant prints and shades in their outfits to create fashionable combinations.

The History of T-shirts

T-shirts have an impressive history. From the first-ever prototype of union suits that were developed in the late 1800s in the US to the modern-day patterned and printed t-shirts we see today, the evolution of this classic comfort wear is interesting.

We can date back the origin of t-shirts to the late 19th century when laborers wanted to keep themselves cool during warmer months. They used to cut their jumpsuits in half to stay cool and comfortable during the summer.

Furthermore, the first-ever manufactured t-shirt was invented between 1898 (the year of the Spanish-American War) and 1913, when the US Navy started declaring and using them as standard undershirts. After undergoing several transformations, it has evolved to be the most versatile and comfortable garment for men.

Even then, the word "t-shirt" was not in use until 1920, when it was finally included in the English dictionary. All thanks go to the American novelist, F. Scott Fitzgerald, who was the first person to publish the word "t-shirt" in his novel, ‘This Side of Paradise’. He writes, "So early in September Amory, provided with ‘six suits summer underwear, six suits winter underwear, one sweater or T-shirt, one jersey, one overcoat, winter, etc,’ set out for New England, the land of schools."

However, even after the garment was introduced in the early 20th century, it was rare to see men wearing t-shirts as anything other than an undershirt. Only veterans were seen wearing the clothing tucked into their trousers after World War II.

But other than that, t-shirts were meant to be exclusively worn underneath "proper" garments. Flash-forward to today, the best printed t shirts for men are meant for flaunting or conveying a specific message.

Types of Patterned and Printed T-Shirts for Men

The following t-shirt prints and patterns are worth giving a try.

1.    Graphic Style Tees

T-shirts are treated as a wonderful canvas where artists and art connoisseurs can explore their creative zeal and wear them to reflect their personalities. A printed white t shirt for men can get transformed into a piece of art when injected with bold and vibrant tones and hues. Graphic designers can create a unique work of art by designing slogans, quotes, bold images, and statement prints to convey a particular message.

Nothing can get across your specific message other than a vibrant graphic printed t-shirt worn above the torso. Graphic tees can convert casual streetwear into a style statement, especially when you incorporate trendy slogans, without offending the onlookers. Besides, pop culture is quite in fashion due to its appealing nature and laid-back statement look.

Geometric prints of different shapes and patterns are one of the most versatile t-shirt styles, mostly because of their uniformity and attractive nature. And if you are bold enough, go with a loud statement print to break up the monochromatic fashion norms and outfits. Pair it up with blue jeans and smart white sneakers to balance your overall appearance.

2.    Striped T-shirts

Stripes have been around for ages and run in our fashion trends even today. Be it for casual wear or semi-formal office wear, stripes can never go wrong. The first-ever striped printed t-shirts were probably introduced around 1868 when Breton jerseys were first produced for the French navy in Brittany.

Supposedly, the sailors used to wear the Breton jerseys so that one could easily spot them if ever they fell overboard. What’s more, the number of stripes on their jerseys also indicated the number of battles Napoleon Bonaparte won.

Apart from the historical perspective, in modern times, we can safely say the simple geometric pattern of neat horizontal lines on a t-shirt would attract the attention of on-lookers instantly. It is a relief to the eye as opposed to the flat one-dimensional style, thus creating a more vibrant yet elegant look. Even a single-color striped pattern on a plain white printed t-shirt for men looks interesting and aesthetic.

Striped tees are a must-have in every man’s closet because of their exemplary and classic look that fits into any style and personality. You can go for the flat horizontal stripes or the fashionable vertical lines, which will go well in any season or occasion. Complement the look with a pair of shorts or trousers for a dinner date, friends’ night out, or even shopping. Striped t-shirts look great on any neck type, from scoop neck, crew neck, and round neck to V-neck styles.

The best-printed t-shirts for men are not always vibrant and colorful. Even the simplistic dual-toned striped patterns can create an aesthetic appeal. Stripes can come in a range of thicknesses and vivid hues that can complement every man’s unique personality and taste.

3.    Logo/Designer Tees

Designer logo t-shirts have a separate fan base. You either like or dislike these tee styles - there’s no in-between! If you love a particular brand, it’s an instinct to put on a designer logo tee of that brand, especially when you love to promote your favorite brand or even self-promote your own brand.

In recent years, some brands have even introduced some unique and one-of-a-kind subversions of their own logo and brand voice. So, unless you have a specific taste and approach to luxury, you will want to try the genre to make the day’s outfit more interesting.

4.    Vintage or Retro T-shirts

Sustainability is the key to modern-day fashion; therefore, vintage t-shirts stand out. Apart from adding a classy and elegant look, retro tees are also an excellent way to address the fashion’s rising landfill issue. All you need to do is visit a retro thrift store to grab a few vintage tees that have been popular among the masses for years.

Vintage t-shirts carry a unique personality and authenticity in terms of design, patterns, look, and quality. Even modern-day tees won't compete with the classic retro styles. You can look for old-school rock band images or logos, brand logos, and varsity tees to add a vintage tone to your outfit.

5.    Multicolored Tie-Dye T-shirts

The tie-dye style in fashion is extremely trendy these days as they render a vibrant and bold look to your overall outfit. The biggest advantage of wearing tie-dye printed t-shirts for men India is that you can experiment with a variety of patterns and shapes. For instance, you can play around with different tie-dye styles, including spiral, bullseye, crumples, box folds, sunburst, vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, diagonal stripes, and others.

Moreover, you can also DIY your own tie-dye t-shirt by applying various techniques. You can experiment with different color palettes, such as contrasting and complementary shades. You can even add neon paints to give your wearable canvas a vibrant and glowing look, which will be the perfect casual wear for your next party-wear or vacation-wear.

The best printed t shirt for men looks bold and bright, especially when you add a mix of colors on the plain white canvas. Tie-dye is one of those vibrant and funky garments that would suit bold and confident men the best.

So, if you love playing around with styles and contrasting hues, be fearless to try out the groovy tie-dye tees. These are ideal for the holidays, be it a calming hill station or a sunny beachside. Accessorize it with a pair of casual lounge pajamas or plain shorts with loafers or sneakers and sunglasses to complete your overall holiday look.

6.    Abstract Printed T-shirts

The term "abstract" in art and fashion refers to the art form in which something is withdrawn or separated from something else. Abstract design refers to the use of the unique language of form, shape, color, and gesture marks to create a price of art that does not accurately represent or depict the visual reality.

Abstract prints are quite fashionable, especially among Gen Z and millennials. Most abstract designs have a vibrant and beautiful color palette and represent an abstract and unique creative process. The abstract printed t shirts for men come in different styles and patterns and will make you stand out in the crowd.

7.    Classic Checks T-shirts

Every wardrobe - be it men's or women's - has a variety of checks and plaids. But only true fashion enthusiasts can identify the difference between "checks" and "plaids". There are some distinct points associated with these two surface patterns, such as the tartan plaids and the buffalo checks. Checks usually comprise two colors or shades and have the same running stripe pattern in the warp and weft. The finished pattern is always symmetrical and evenly woven.

On the other hand, modern-day plaids are woven with more than two shades, and we can see more variety in the pattern and layout of the stripes. The crossing horizontal and vertical warps and wefts may be equal, but not always. The vertical stripes don't always need to match the horizontal lines. Plaids can vary in terms of repeats, patterns, and colors.

Checks and plaids are trendy and are going to remain in fashion. Checks are a perfect match for casual meetups or a busy working day. While half sleeves are cool, the full sleeves look elegant for office wear. You can never be wrong with classic checkered printed full sleeve t shirts for mens on a hectic workday when you are too busy to choose the right outfit.

8.    Geometric-Patterned Tees

Geometric shapes and patterns can take your fashion statement to a new level. It is something that can merge time and space into a single style. You can unleash your enigmatic aura by experimenting with a combination of powerful star shapes and trendy triangles. Even basic black-and-white geometric patterns can create a bold and beautiful look.

9.    Animal Print T-shirts

The idea of wearing animal skin textures and prints is thrilling and exciting. From leopard, tiger, zebra, and deer to snakeskin, animal prints are a unique style statement that can bring out your bold and daring personality. Add a few animal-printed t-shirts to your closet to become the fashionista of the next party or get-together. One plus point is these prints look good on anybody.

10.    Cartoon or Anime Printed T-shirts

Last but not least, cartoon prints are extremely fashionable these days. The young generation love to include images of cartoon characters, such as those from Disney, and anime lovers can’t wait to try one of those characters from Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and so on.

Cartoon printed t shirts for men are perfect for those casual movie dates, shopping, and even dinner dates with friends and family. Pair it with jeans and vibrant sneakers to create a casual and funky look. For example, Tom and Jerry or Mickey Mouse printed tees have a separate fan base, as they can create a super-cool look that everybody will love.


To conclude, get hold of a cool and classy white t shirt for men printed pattern this summer for your next vacation or dinner date. We hope the above types of printed T-shirts will help you choose the right wardrobe essentials and outfits. So, you don’t have to give much thought to what to wear on your next occasion.

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