Beauty is not skin-related

Fashion designer and actress Masaba Gupta posts her thoughts on beauty and self-love

Masaba Gupta has left beautiful imprints of her latest work on her Instagram story even as she reiterated through them her idea of self-esteem and beauty. Her profile page is loaded with what appears like a series of recent pictures and videos from a shoot for a travel magazine. Shot by the famed celebrity photographer Tarun Vishwa, Masaba can be seen dressed in a couple of stunning Sabyasachi designs in colours that flaunt her gorgeous, chocolate-like naturally bronze complexion.

In her subsequent post that ends with her logo, Masaba writes, “What if I told you that no matter where you come from, the color or your skin or the hook of your nose, or that scar from 7th grade, amazing things will happen to you. But, you must keep your chin up. You must always keep your chin up. You must always look up. (sic).”

The above post carved out the theme, ‘Look Up’, which the designer and recently turned actress of the Netflix show Masaba Masaba seems to be repeating in voiceover during a video for the traveller magazine in the Sabyasachi ensemble.

Clearly unapologetic for her ‘dark’ skin in a land where fair skin is yet considered the epitome of beauty, Masaba even shared an appreciation post for her makeup artist for the shoot, Elton J Fernandez. The post, which she shared on her Instagram Stories, read, “An appreciation post for @eltonjfernandez who did my makeup for this shoot. Thank you.... because I’m very particular about looking like myself & not being whitewashed. I’m arrogant & unapologetic about my brown skin shining in its glory & And I’m so glad you feel the same way. [Heart emoji] (sic).” In yet another post, Masaba revealed her perspective on self-acceptance. It read, “When I am asked who I am on who I want to be, I never really have an answer. My Grandfather was from Benaras, my mother is from Old Delhi. My great-grand mother, from Lahore. And my father is from the Caribbean. But I have my eyes on the world. Then how can I be just one thing? (sic)”

You go girl, Masaba. The world can surely do with more of your kind.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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