Slick a trick!

Spikes teamed with well-trimmed and shaped beard is in.

Come Valentine’s Day, and everyone’s on the lookout to step up their hair game. Zeroing on the perfect hairstyle for that Valentine’s Day dinner can be a daunting task. Glance through these pointers, to have it sorted — for today and the time beyond...

Textured look: This season, it’s all in the textures. To add some fun to the mundane crop, a textured crop is great to sport. This one looks exceptionally smart, be it on formal wear or casuals. For this style, the crown portion could do with some messy styling with waves and curls. Restrict the sides to a back-gelled look.

Sporting a ruffled look also works well, if you have greasy and limp hair. However, the key is to look simple yet sharp. So, do not overdo the styling. Consult a stylist before using a hair gel or wax for it to compliment your hair type. This will help to avoid a disastrous flat look.

Top knot: Give this quirky style a try if you have a mid-length hair. You will need longer length of hair on your crown and centre portion as compared to the sides. If you want a slick look, have your hair masked with some pomade and tie it into a top knot. This bun shouldn’t be too tight on the scalp. If you like your hair texture as it is, have a loose and messy bun. Team this style with formals for a dapper-like vibe. Complete this look with a french beard, stubble or a cool mustache!

Cool messy look: Spikes teamed with well-trimmed and shaped beard is in. Cool messy look is ideal for casual evenings.

Caesar hair cut: The USP of the haircut is its short length that not only makes it easier to maintain but also it becomes incredibly simple to spike as well. Try this look for a casual brunchdate.
The writer is a Bengaluru-based make-up and hair expert.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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