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Published on: August 12, 2023 | Updated on: August 12, 2023
Praachi Nagpal

Praachi Nagpal

Fashion, glamour, advocacy – they’re all Praachi Nagpal’s fortes. "I think it’s all about creating a balance. I love each and every thing that I do; and when you love whatever you do, you automatically end up balancing them," says the graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), who bagged the Miss Grand India 2022 title.

But among her multiple talents she says, "I think it’s my styling or dressing skills that bring out my best." The transformative power of fashion isn’t just about clothes; it’s about empowerment. "When you’re dressed well, you feel amazing automatically," Praachi points out.

And empowerment is what draws her to sport too. "Punching a bag is more than just the ruggedness that you see," explains the kickboxing pro. "It’s about feeling empowered; and when you feel empowered, you automatically feel confident too. And coming full circle," she says confidence is the key to victory on the pageant stage. Her fashion-forward advice isn’t just about clothes; it’s about self-expression. "It’s not about keeping it simple," she feels. "Fashion is the best way one can express oneself, so if you want to go overboard - most definitely do," says Prachi.

A side that’s outside the reach of ramp lights and flashbulbs is Praachi’s passion for baking. "I do love making myself a warm chocolate cake on any given day" she confesses – this, from someone who is living with Type 1 diabetes. The condition certainly hasn’t dimmed her sparkle; rather, it’s highlighted her resilience. "It’s mostly about calculations," she explains. "It’s about taking the right amount of insulin for what you’re eating, and how much exercise you need." This disciplined approach, she believes, is the cornerstone of managing her health while living life to the fullest.

Praachi’s advocacy work with WHO is geared towards raising awareness about Type 1 diabetes. Her innovative methods, like the impactful video where she declares that even a diabetic girl can be a beauty queen, have sparked conversations and curiosity. It’s a testament to her ability to amplify her message beyond the runway.

When it comes to walking the ramp, Praachi’s advice is simple, "Don’t try too hard. Be very natural, walk the way you do every day." "My family helps me stay grounded," she acknowledges. Their support reminds her that despite the accolades, she’s still the same girl who cherishes her own company and indulges in solo dates.

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