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Let’s get retro chic, Ladies!

Published Aug 12, 2018, 12:14 am IST
Updated Aug 12, 2018, 12:14 am IST
Time to revisit the 70s and 80s as bell bottoms, dungarees, boyfriend T-shirts and high waist jeans make a grand comeback this season.
Dakota Johnson gets it so right with high waist jeans.
 Dakota Johnson gets it so right with high waist jeans.

There are certain trends from yesteryears that have made a come back and are elegant pieces that fashionistas and designers world over would vouch for.

These ever green vintage trends can be spotted in 2018,  paired with modern pieces creating today’s contemporary fashion.


Kendall Jenner stuns in Mommy Jeans. Doesn’t she?Kendall Jenner stuns in Mommy Jeans. Doesn’t she?

“So many vintage trends have made a come back in 2018. Vintage trends are elegant and have a sentimental feeling attached to it, it goes back to several years. Trends from the 60s, 70s and 80s can be spotted in high fashion run ways and they never fail to charm. Be it then or now,” says Shaila Shree MN, a stylist in the film industry.

“There are popular styles that not just look beautiful but work great functionally too and clothes are all about fashion and comfort,” says Patricia D’Costa, model.


The two of them believe that while some outfits may look great on models on a runway, they might not suit every body type. Thankfully, there are vintage trends that are so different from each other, that one or the other style will cater to your body type, they opine.

If you are a vintage fashion lover, with your wardrobe taking you back the memory lane, these trends would be no novelty to you. But with modern pieces being paired with these beauties, what you get to the end would be elegance, grace, ageless fashion and a modern vibe.

Leather Jackets
“Leather jackets never really went out of fashion. They entered with a vow to stay and today we are seeing it increasingly on runways, ads, films etc., They are long lasting, structured so it gives you a good body shape and you can wear it over and over again without the fear of being called out for repeating fashion,” says Shaila. She further adds that the unique characteristic of a leather jacket is that it can look stylish when paired with anything. There is no right or wrong way with a leather jacket and it is no wonder that it has stood the tests of time.


Mommy Jeans
These are loose, comfy cotton denim pants that give your thighs breathing space. Patricia loves the idea of mommy jeans and says that on a lazy day, that is all she turns too. “There are several variations of mommy jeans that have come about, some are tight at the waist and create a V-sort of a form towards the ankles, giving you shape while being comfortable and airy at the same time,” says Shaila.

Dungarees are an age old classic that have made a come back. “Dungarees can be styled with a crop top or a formal shirt. Depending on the kind of look you are going for,” says Pooja Gajraj, accessory designer and wardrobe style. She suggests getting your overalls in a pop colour instead of a denim blue or army green and to experiment with fabrics and cuts. “Pair overalls with your favorite crop top and mules with a colourful tote,” she adds.


Boyfriend T-Shirts
For those looking for comfort and style, the boyfriend T-shirts are the one stop, laughs Patricia who loves loose, comfy clothes. It is guilt free fashion choice, especially when the trend itself is all about comfort, she states. “You don’t have to be conscious about your body, you can be very free and comfortable in your skin. You can also team it up with high waist jeans and loafers,” says Shaila.

Bell Bottoms and High-Waist Jeans
High waist jeans are also a retro trend that existed back in the 70’s-80’s, they are an ever green trend, Shaila states. It accentuates your figure and gives you a very curvy, feminine figure. However, she throws light on bell-bottoms and how they have made their way to the run way this season. While there was a time where fashion was all about the girth of your bells, Shaila states that this sort of pants may not suit all body types as it is wide at the bottom and tight near your hips, which would only make you look chubbier than you are. Patricia adds that while celebs can rock any look with their dedicated stylists and make up artists working day in and day out on the look, common man gets only what the mirror has to offer when the outfit is on you, hence it is important to choose wisely.


If you opt to go with the modern look but still want to add a touch of retro, accessories are all you need to retro it up. “Fanny packs have made a huge come back, from brands like Gucci to Zara, fanny packs are all around and women are increasingly seen wearing and rocking it,” says Shaila. Fanny packs give the outfit a retro touch without making the ensemble feel out of sync with each other.

She also adds that sunglasses especially cat eye frames and round glasses have caught the fancy of women all around. Pooja adds that sunglasses with different shades are another retro trend that has come back in vogue Brown, amber, green-grey, vermillion and yellow are all the shades of the trending lens, she reveals. Play with all the styles this season has to offer and spice up the vintage your way!