Unwashed gym wear breeding ground for bacteria

Acne, folliculitis and UTI these are just a sample of what your grimy workout gear from your last workout could, well, gift you!

Working out in your yesterday’s workout clothes, which aren’t washed, is not a great idea. Why, you wonder? The sweat produced during a workout can get trapped in your workout clothes, turning into a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. The bacteria and the dirt, which keep rubbing against your skin as you do those burpees, cause inflammation as you work out the next time wearing those very (previously unwashed) gym clothes.

Then, there’s that little tormenting your ‘privates’ get into because of your carelessness. For one, according to experts, the natural pH of the vagina changes as sweat build-up increases in your groin area from working out in your old (unwashed) workout clothes. And an increased pH level around your private areas means a host of possible conditions, including vaginosis, yeast infections, and that’s right — UTIs.

But we get it. There are those days when you can’t help but again wear your favourite high-impact Puma Training Bras from that 5-km run last evening, which you completed in less than 30 minutes. We don’t endorse such risky behaviours, of course, but we know life has a way to, well, just get in the way. In such cases, as soon as you are done with your session, run into your shower and have a long and clean bath.

And don’t forget to drop the clothes into a good wash and rinse it with the most effective of your detergents.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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