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Meet Mrs India 2022 runners-up

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Published on: January 11, 2022 | Updated on: January 11, 2022

Swati Kumar, an army wife and a mum, represented Hyderabad at the Mrs. India beauty pageant

Swati Kumar

Swati Kumar

The working mum won the titles of ‘Mrs India Classic’ 3rd Runners Up and ‘Mrs India Mrs Elegant’ at the Mrs. India beauty pageant.

Swati has been winning several other beauty pageant titles too. Before marriage, she was the Summer Queen in the RSI Club, Bangalore, and Army officers Institute, Roorkee. After she married an army officer, Swati won the Runners Up title in Navy Queen Pageant in Wellington, Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, and many other titles like the Spring Queen, Winter Queen and May Queen across various Army Stations.

Proving over and over again that age is just a number, Swati believes beauty lies within you and that if one is disciplined and trusts one’s mind and body, any goal is achievable.

When not winning pageant titles, Swati — who’s an army wife and was born to an army officer — manages her community duties, parents her children and takes care of herself and her family. A certified educator and administrator by profession with eleven years of teaching experience, Swati has also served as a high school principal and is a motivational speaker.

She also has a YouTube channel where she posts online art classes and workshops and teaches art and DIY crafts. Excerpts from an interview:

Q How was competing at Mrs India?

Very enriching! I was drawn to the pageant because Mrs Deepali Phadnis, Director of Mrs India Pageants and Productions had announced that they were looking for role models, not just models. I could relate to the idea because with my son, a 22-year-old who’s the 4th generational Army Officer from our family, and my daughter, a 14-year-old, I remember how challenging it had been for me.

I always loved being on stage and have been participating in fashion shows, dances and theatre performances since my school and college days.

Q What were the preparations like?

I don’t splurge on expensive cosmetics or saloon massages. Instead, I follow a strict health routine. I do Yoga to keep my mind and body healthy and spirited; my day starts with Surya Namaskar. I drink lots of water and eat a balanced, nutritional diet loaded with fruits and nuts. In the evenings, I go for long walks to build my stamina.

Q How do you multi-task?

Time management is the key for managing different tasks. I try to create a great balance between my work, family and kids. During pageants, I’ve always encouraged distribution of work among family members, and both my husband and children have been very supportive.

Q What’s your ‘me-time’ activity?

I’m an artist by passion. I love to paint in different mediums like oil and acrylic and do watercolour and charcoal portraits as well as paint fabric like sarees, dupattas, cushion covers and table runners. I’ve exhibited my art work in many national exhibitions across various cities.

Q Your future plans?

Being an educator, my future plans involve children. I’m working on opening a library for poor and underprivileged children who don’t get a chance to go to school or read books.

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