Fishnet for your nails!

This fishnet nail art design is perfect for the festive season.

Nail art has been around for centuries with every important ancient civilisation using pigments and embellishments to publicly symbolise social status or to represent one’s identity. The modern nail care industry has recently boomed thanks to social media outlets that house millions of tutorials and pictures of vibrant nail polish colours, interesting nail art tools and techniques.

Thanks to the creativity and generosity of social media creators, many individuals like us are able to achieve salon like manicures at home. This fishnet nail art design is perfect for the festive season.

1. Start off with squeaky clean, oil-free nails that have been filed to suit your
natural nail shape.
2. Apply any clear base coat and let it dry thoroughly. (Base coats help reduce staining from dark coloured nail polishes and help the polish have a smoother appearance).
3. You can choose to switch up either colour (black or gold) as your base colour. Apply two coats and allow enough time to dry between each coat.
4. Using a fine nail art brush, start by drawing intersecting lines across the nail.
5. Next, make little dots at the intersections to give it more lace-like look. Add details as you go.
6. You can chose to add this designs as accent nails and added a small black flat bead for the other two nails to complete the design
7. Finish off with your favourite matte or glossy top coat to seal in the manicure for a long-lasting finish.
8. Remember to moisturise your hands after!

–The writer is a nail and makeup artiste.


( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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