Long and sweet

Published Jul 9, 2017, 12:23 am IST
Updated Jul 9, 2017, 12:23 am IST
The long skirt is one of the best comeback outfits of the year as women are rediscovering its sartorial appeal.
(Clockwise) Creations from  Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Naeem Khan and Fendi.
 (Clockwise) Creations from Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Naeem Khan and Fendi.

The brevity of hemlines when it comes to mini skirts or hot shorts can be a source of frustration for many (high-five, ladies) — unshaved legs, untoned muscular definition, undone pedicures, blah, blah! That’s why the long skirt — not just those that are a smidge below the knee but also ones that almost fall to the floor — is vying for the title of one of the best comeback outfits. And thanks to several winning combinations a la national and international runways, women are rediscovering the long skirt’s sartorial appeal.

Designer Archana Kochhar points out, “Skirts are textile confections, which represent a worldwide symbol of femininity. Proof of the first skirt goes back to 4000 B.C. In the 17th century, skirts were long and worn in layers to give the impression of volume and wide hips.” While designer Siddartha Tytler explains, “Skirts have always been a part of a woman’s closet. In India especially, skirts have been a great part of our diverse culture and history. We have a variety of skirts from a ghaghra, a lehenga to a lungi skirt or the traditional wraparound skirts called rigu.” He adds, “I am fond of long skirts with easy flowing silhouettes in beautiful prints. If you pair them up with fitted crop tops, you can make a great ensemble. Other than that, long skirts with slits are chic and can make you look really sexy. For a fail-safe combination, team up your skirt, especially the one which has embroidery  and multiple print, with a simple top, and for skirts with a little-added shimmer, a combination with a tank top will be perfect.”


Designer Ashish Soni, on the other hand, says that A-line, pencil and straight fit are on the top of his list. “Keep it formal and classy when it comes to skirts. Pairing them up with blouses that match is a classic approach to go about the trend. I would also recommend wearing a solid coloured pencil skirt with a white blouse, or a monochrome outfit, or a simple monochrome print on a straight skirt with a simple white top.”

Although we have some great styles and patterns (broomstick skirt, bubble skirt, circular skirt, dirndl skirt, fishtail skirt, flared skirts, gored skirt, peasant skirt, pleated skirt, straight skirts, etc.) that are absolute must-haves, one has to be very particular about skirts, cautions designer Gautam Gupta. He adds, “A-line skirts are best for people with thin waist size as they are wider at the hemline than at the waistline. Also, selecting a wrong top can make your a-line skirt look frumpy. So go for a short fitted top or a blouse that can be tucked in. However, Archana disagrees, “Pencil skirts are the hottest favourite amongst office-going women as these offer grace, confidence and comfort all in one. It’s wrong to think that slim girls can only carry pencil skirts. They look good on all the sizes so one can opt for this cut.” She goes on, “Peplum pencil skirts are another great option to highlight right aspects of your body and these too suit all body types. For women who like a little drama, ruffle skirts are the answer. When it comes to styling, a more fun and chic yet safe look can be achieved vis a via a good top, cold shoulder blouse or an asymmetrically cut top, which is partially long at the back and short at the front for balance.”

Celebrity stylist Eshaa Amin backs Archana by adding a few more pointers, “Buy a good Victorian blouse for your long A-line skirt, a biker jacket for your lehenga skirt, a kurti for your calf length flared skirt and a colourful bralet for you high-waisted pencil skirt option. The hemline can either flatter or spoil the way your body appears, therefore, it is always advisable to understand your body type before opting for very experimental options. When indulging into activities a divider skirt can come in handy.”

The diversity of fabrics allow one to feel different emotions: sober, romantic, comfortable, sporty or bold, shares designer Sanchita Jhulka. “Hence, it’s really important to choose the right fabric that gels well with the weather.”