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The rise of vegan consumer

Published Apr 9, 2019, 4:51 pm IST
Updated Apr 9, 2019, 5:34 pm IST
Consumers are finding credibility and are opting for a vegan lifestyle.
The natural goodness that the vegan lifestyle brings is not only gentler on the plant and animals; it’s also a more soothing alternative. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)
 The natural goodness that the vegan lifestyle brings is not only gentler on the plant and animals; it’s also a more soothing alternative. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)

Mumbai: Starting from the moment we put the minty fresh toothpaste in our mouth in the morning’s right up till the end of the day when we scrub our face clean before hitting the bed, we interact with countless products and brands. More often than not, what we buy is a sub-conscious decision and we aren’t aware that our favourite brands might be doing more harm to us (and others!) than good.

Veganism emerged from a once small body of conscious consumers that started weighing the benefits of humans furthering their agendas by consuming animal-derivates, to the cost the environment and animals pay. The questions they raised as to whether our choices are adding value and decreasing harm to the ecology, has turned veganism into a worldwide conversation today.


Steadily on its way to becoming mainstream, veganism is no longer a counter culture, a fad, a gimmick. More and more people are finding credibility in the movement and are opting for a vegan lifestyle. Driven by a value system that aligns itself with better and conscious life choices, whether for the benefit of the planet, the animals or for self — the pace of change is accelerating.

Awareness: To think what’s good for us

Harsh for the plants and animals

Oxford Martin School researchers have found that if the world went vegan, it could save 8 million human lives by 2050, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by two thirds and lead to healthcare-related savings and avoid climate damages worth $1.5 trillion.


Conscious and more humane choices help counter the blow to the climate and planet caused by animal agriculture, animal testing and chemicals lacing our beauty and grooming products which wash off our bodies to leech back and contaminate our natural environment.

While cruelty-free products are gaining traction in some parts, about 100 million animals are still subjected to cruel and painful tests every year.

Harsh for humans

The attractive looking colours and concoctions we apply on our bodies could be hiding some truly terrifying chemicals. Asbestos, parabens, phthalates and many more carcinogens, pesticides and plasticizers are commonly used in the making of beauty and grooming products.


Not only do they present harmful health risks, but they also wreak havoc on our skin causing allergies, rashes and pigmentations. Adding to the distress of unfulfilled promises these products make, we could also be unsuspectingly slathering ourselves with dead animal by-products that these products come with.

Wellness is a universal desire

The global vegan cosmetics market size is projected to reach USD 20.8 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. making better choices in this hyper-consuming society is becoming a gender-agnostic desire. It is no wonder then that Statista pegs the estimated size of the global male grooming market to be worth about 29.14 billion US dollars by 2024.


An increasing number of men are leaning towards becoming habitual users of products like face masks, scrubs, eye serums, facial cleansers and moisturisers especially designed for them. The desire for healthy, fresh skin and a well-groomed hair and beard is certainly climbing the need ladder for men.

The options in India today don’t accurately represent or cater to the conscientious, thinking modern Indian man despite these customer segments have evolved over the last decade in the Indian market.

With Phy, we bring a range of dermatologically-tested, cruelty-free and 100% vegan “good” products for every man. We believe in using good science + proven natural actives to create targeted skin care and grooming solutions for men. Our PETA approved products make a substitution of the traditional lifestyle choices with newer, healthier, more humane ones easier.


Starting conscious conservations

The natural goodness that the vegan lifestyle brings is not only gentler on the plant and animals; it’s also a more soothing alternative. Replete with plant-derived vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, vegan formulas typically try harder to find safer alternatives to repair and hydrate the skin.

Research by Bionsen says that from the moment we wake up, till we retire for the day, we put an average of 515 synthetic chemicals in or on our body. Going vegan means all our skin absorbs is wholesome natural nourishment which is far more healing, effective and most of all — good!


*Disclaimer: This article has been contributed by Shankar Prasad, Founder at PHY. The facts and figures appearing in this article do not reflect the views of Deccan Chronicle and Deccan Chronicle does not assume any responsibility and liability for the same.