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Tabloid news sizzles at the NYFW 2019

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Published on: February 9, 2019 | Updated on: February 9, 2019

Jeremy Scott makes news (literally) with his latest collection inspired by the newsprint sensational, fake news on the NYFW runway.

A catchy, 'New York Post' bowtie from the collection. (Photo: AP)

A catchy, 'New York Post' bowtie from the collection. (Photo: AP)

New York: Designer Jeremy Scott has always liked to be in the headlines and make news, but with his latest collection he did it literally, drawing design inspiration from New York’s tabloid headlines.

Chromatically speaking, Scott’s runway show Friday evening at New York Fashion Week was a much disciplined collection in all black and white. Scott usually uses a riot of bright colours and large cartoon graphics in his clothes.

Here, garments were emblazoned with an artist’s versions of the New York Post and the Daily News, on dresses, trousers, jackets, jumpsuits and much more. Some of the most striking items beings dainty, elegant chiffon party dresses printed with tabloid headlines.

Model looking glamourous in this edgy party outfit from Scott's collection. (Photo: AP)A model looking glamourous in an edgy, newsprint-inspired dress from Scott's collection at NYFW 2019. (Photo: AP)

Printed belts bore the headline: "Market drops 190 in worst bloodbath since Black Monday." The hats were black and white too, including newsboy caps or big, oversized bows. Dark hair was sprayed with white to match the colour combination.

Bold Purse with monochromatic colours. (Photo: AP)A bold, statement piece in monochrome. (Photo: AP)

Of course, the scourge of fake news was not far from Scott’s mind. "I was thinking about society’s complete obsession with scandalous headlines," Scott said backstage, "with salacious news, with false assumptions, with click bait. And this kind of obsession we have as a people where we get so riled up and people don’t really even listen or investigate."

Model adoned belt with tabloid news headline. (Photo: AP)A belt with dramatic tabloid news headlines. (Photo: AP)

Scott says he drew from "different headlines from over the years especially that are very chaotic like ‘Chaos’ and ‘Panic.’ It’s this tragedy of excitement in a way, this addiction to that kind of feeling."

Scott added, "We keep perpetuating this addiction to salacious headlines and news." Scott knows it will surprise people to see him suddenly working solely in black and white. "It’s always good to keep people on their toes," he quipped.

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