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Tips for a healthy and glowing skin this winter

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Published on: November 8, 2019 | Updated on: November 8, 2019

Here are some ways in which you can take care of your skin effortlessly.

There is nothing much you can do about the dipping temperatures but there are lots that you can do for your skin in the winters. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)

There is nothing much you can do about the dipping temperatures but there are lots that you can do for your skin in the winters. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)

Winters are just around the corner and if pay attention, you will that your skincare routine needs demands to change. While the market is flooded with winter skincare essentials that promise to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated, the question remains: Do you know which ones are good for you skin type and why your skin feel feels tighter, dry and flaky in the cold winter months?

The key to good skincare in winters is to understand your skin well. Of course, if you have oily skin it won’t dry much but winter chill can still affect it. The skin demands moisturisation, as the winters start to approach and one of the big factors is the sudden changes in indoor and outdoor temperatures. Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetic Dermatologist and Dermato-Surgeon, Dr Rinky Kapoor, of The Esthetic Clinics share tips to take care of your skin this winter.

What happens to skin in the changing temperature and low humidity?

Regardless of your skin type, as mercury dips low, the oil glands in the skin produce less oils, thus less natural moisturising for the skin and this means dehydration and dryness. Indoor heaters zap up the moisture on the skin leading further dehydration of the skin. This cycle leaves the skin cracked and feeling tighter which you definitely don’t want it to be like that.

The following suggestions will help you chart out the skincare routine to help your skin blossom this winter. A change in skincare routine is unavoidable and it is just one of the many steps that can be taken to make your skin feel comfortable in the winters.

Facewash: Use face washes which hydrate the skin, avoid ones with salicylic acid, glycolic acid and others  if you already suffer from dry skin.

Use a heavy moisturiser and a hydrating serum: Use hydrating serums rich with Vitamin C and Vitamin A along with moisturisers to keep the dewy look intact. Vitamin C hydrating serums help boost the production of collagen and protect it from pollution and Vitamin A helps with its anti-ageing properties. Moisturiser will prevent the skin from drying.  Go for ones containing hyaluronic acid, ceramides, squalene etc. There are some which also contain anti ageing ingredients like peptides and botanicals, which will give you the added advantage of anti ageing effects.

Use Facial Oils: Facial oils can be a lifesaver when it comes to winter skin care. They help lock in the hydration.  Evening Primrose oil, lavender oil and coconut oils are excellent choices to prevent the skin from drying. Use coconut oil for removing make up too. Those who have very acne prone skin however, may need to discuss with their skin care expert about which oil would suit them best.

Exfoliate:  Exfoliation will help remove the dry and dead skin. You can exfoliate twice a week but do not be too rough on the skin. You can also use gentle peels to exfoliate.

Avoid baths and hot showers: It is tempting to step in a hot shower and be there for a long time but that is just the thing you should avoid. Keep the water lukewarm and the shower short. Moisturise immediately after shower to lock in the moisture.

Cut down on indoor heaters: Protect your skin with warm clothes, socks and gloves and keep the indoor temperatures on the heaters as close to normal as possible.

Stay hydrated: Don’t avoid drinking water. Coffee, tea and cocoa are not substitutes for water. Keep drinking water at regular intervals throughout the day.

Moisturise at night: it’s not only that the skin on your face you need to protect, but your feet and hands also need care too. Moisturise them every night before going to bed and you can even wear warm, comfortable and lose socks at night to keep your feet supple and smooth.

Pay attention to your diet: Your skin will need care from inside too. Change your diet a bit in the winters. Include foods rich in Omega 3. Include foods like eggs, nuts, chia seeds, avocados, fish, yoghurt, cheese and milk. Add fruits rich in Vitamin A, C and E to stay moisturised.

Apply sunscreen: This is very important. No matter how foggy it is outside; don’t step out without applying the sunscreen. UV rays from the sun can pass through the windows and clouds and therefore don’t be deluded into thinking that you are safe in winters from the sun. Choose a sunscreen with contents like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

There is nothing much you can do about the dipping temperatures but there are lots that you can do for your skin in the winters. Get working on it in time and you will glow like the dewy morning sun in the winters.

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