7 style tips to ace your brown shoes with formals

The colour brown is universal and combines with other colours.

If it’s true that a man’s outfit is assessed from his shoes up, then it’s their shade that first clause someone’s judgement. If you want some formal footwear that's less intense than other colours, brown is perfect. The brown can easily be paired with different coloured pieces to give a more subtle contrast. They come in a variety of styles and with the two most popular materials being leather and suede you definitely need one of each.

No man's wardrobe would be complete without a good pair of brown shoes. Talking of versatility, style and affordability it is the best form of footwear you need to wear with all your formal outfits. The colour brown is universal and combines with all other colours in the best way possible. Buy the wrong pair, or the right pair in the wrong colour, or just clutching it with the no-gain attire can wave goodbye to thousands of pounds worth of tailoring. So here we are to tell you about some major fashion rules that apply when it comes to pairing brown shoes with formal attire. Ambud Sharma, Founder, Escaro Royale shares tips on how to style your brown shoes with your formal suits. Follow these and you’ll never run into any issues while sneaking out.

Create a buzz with an unconventional look

A black suit is arguably the most classic piece of formal clothing a man can own. Although many people believe that wearing brown shoes with a black suit is a nightmare combination, if done correctly, it can be extremely stylish. Admittedly, wearing some with a navy or grey suit is probably an easier style to pull off, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't wear them with black. The lighter tone of the footwear takes some of the formality out of the look, whilst still retaining a smart vibe.

Pump it up with a grey outfit

Meetings can be made fun by wearing a sophisticated outfit. If you're the type of person who is perfectly fine with experimenting, keep it classy withthe grey toned outfit, a brown satchel and matching brown shoes. However, you should stick to darker tones when it comes to matching brown shoes with a grey suit. Lighter brown colours will make you look too bright, that you wouldn't want. Brown shoes can be teamed with a brown belt, it looks totally good together. Dark brown shoes with grey pants and a coat gives balance to your look, not too loud, not too dull. You can also team up with a grey or checked grey suit and brown Derbies, brogues, Chelsea or brogue boots. This combination, inspired by the British countryside is a tried and trusted combo for formal events.

Kill it with class

The humble brown shoe can be a tricky piece of footwear to have in your collection. Dressing your brown shoes is as simple as pairing them with a navy or pinstripe suit, which is a sleek timeless combination. Brown leather or suede styles are your best bet here. No need to fuss about the exact shade: hues from tan to dark chocolate will sit comfortably with navy, their richness offering a pleasing counterpoint to navy’s steely neutrality. So, if you want to create a beginning to herald in a new era pop on your aviators, a well-tailored suit and your favourite buckled brown shoes!

One can never go wrong with this

A plain white shirt, Beige trousers with spunk of brown shoes- One can never go wrong with this outfit. Plus, this outfit works in almost any situations. From a boardroom to a coffee shop meeting to going out with friends. This timeless outfit formula will never fail you. Pare things back and let the outfit – and your personality – do the talking.

White self check shirt + indigo denim + tan oxfords

This is a perfect outfit when you don't want to dress up too formally. Again, white and indigo is a timeless outfit combination that will never go out of style and pairing it up with tan colour oxfords will edge up the overall look. To make this simple outfit work, be extra careful about the fit of your shirt and jeans. Don’t go for super skinny jeans or too tight shirt rather you can opt for a tapered or straight fit jeans. A regular fit shirt will work best for this outfit.

Contrast is the key

As a general men’s fashion rule, the more your shoes contrast your clothing the better. If you can’t decide between two shades of brown shoes put them side by side against your clothing. If you want to play it safe, always choose a shade of brown shoes darker than your suit colour. Determine which has a better contrast, and you’ll instantly know the answer to which ones you should wear. Remember, when it comes to style, your shoes are more than just functional footwear tools acting as protectors of your feet.

Some extra tip on the go

If you’re wearing a belt, try to match the colour of the shoe to that of the belt. Since there are so many shades of brown leather shoes, your belt doesn’t have to be made of the exact same leather or the same colour–just try to match it as closely as possible. If you wear suspenders, you won’t have to worry about this at all!

Brown shoes can be worn with almost anything, ranging from blue jeans to cavalry twill and corduroy to flannel, worsteds and tweed. Unlike black, brown leather comes in an endless variety of shades, allowing you to create a distinguished shoe collection that is unique. It depends on how you create a difference and pull off your look.

*Disclaimer: The article has been contributed by Ambud Sharma, Founder, Escaro Royale. The opinions expressed in the article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and views appearing in this article do not reflect the views of Deccan Chronicle and Deccan Chronicle does not assume any responsibility and liability for the same.

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