Hairstyles for Round Face Women

Your hairstyle can make a big difference to your look, especially if you want to highlight your face shape. Do you want the best hairstyles for round-face women? Here’s the list.

Finding a perfect hairstyle for chubby and round faces is quite challenging. You need to style your hair such that your face looks leaner and slimmer. There’s no hairstyle that you should completely avoid if you have a round face, but certain hairstyles do make your hair look better and your face slimmer when done correctly.

A common misconception in women with round face shapes is that bringing hair strands in front can help make their face look leaner. On the contrary, it draws unnecessary attention toward your cheeks, highlighting your chubby face. If you can’t find the perfect hairstyles for round-face women, you are in the right place. Here are some best hairstyles you should try to achieve a slim face.

25 Hairstyles for Round Face Women

There are a multitude of hairstyles that match round face types; no hairstyle can be regarded "off limits." However, if you wish to deceive the eye, create more definition, and elongate the face, there are specific looks that will do this. Here are top 25 top hairstyles for round face women.

1. Short Bob

Women who don’t have time to style their hair should try a short bob. If you are a working woman, it’s a great way to show people who’s the boss and how well you can pull off this bold hairstyle. If you have a round face shape, get a bob cut and part your hair from the side. Apply hair serum to make your locks smoother. A short bob is the best haircut for round-face females.

2. The Pixie Cut

This hairstyle reminds us of Ginnifer Goodwin. No one has pulled off this cute and bold hairstyle better than this American actress. It adds an edgy and feminine touch to your look, especially the volume at the top can give your face a perfect length. Part your hair from the center using a fine-toothed comb.

3. Bangs

Bangs are ladies’ favorite. But, they don’t look good on all face shapes. If you are blessed with a big forehead and a round face, you should definitely try bold bangs. If there’s one hairstyle that can make you a completely new and different person, it's bangs. The hair covering your forehead will draw attention toward your eyes and make your face appear slimmer and shorter than it is. The bangs end at your brows. Once you have got this haircut, straighten your bangs until each strand is straight and touches your eyebrows.

4. The Sleek Cut

A sleek cut is perfect for working women, students, and mothers. This shoulder-length cut highlights your chin and neck, driving the attention away from your cheeks and your face shape. It’s perfect for women with round faces. For this look, the hair length should be longer on one side and shorter on the other. This is like a bob cut, but with a good length. Just part your hair and apply a hair smoothening serum to prevent frizz.

5. Long Layers

Bouncy curls make the best haircut for a round-face female. Layers look beautiful on all face shapes, but if you don’t want to highlight your round face, long and voluminous layers can be very helpful. If Gigi Hadid can look amazing in this hairstyle, you can too. The style is simple. You just need a hair curler and a hair smoothening serum. Take small sections of your hair and curl them until you get wavy strands. Once done, part your hair on the side and use a hair serum.

6. Loose Ponytail

A loose ponytail is the easiest hairstyle to create and looks effortless. It gives you a beach vibe as if someone who lives on a beach just tied their hair into a loose ponytail with wavy strands. A middle partition will do wonders for round-face shapes, especially for women who want to conceal their cheekbones.

7. The Center Part

Soft curls, voluminous hair, and a middle partition will give you a princess-like hairstyle that you can flaunt at any party or formal event. The soft curls make your neck the center of attention, and the middle partition gives an illusion of an elongated face. After curling, use a round brush and run it gently down your hair to loosen the curls. Apply serum to prevent frizz.

8. The Side Part

One of the gorgeous women’s hairstyles for round faces is the side part. It’s simple and requires no hair straightening or curler machine. Part your hair right above one of the eyebrows, creating a sense of asymmetry. Flip all strands on the other side of the hair partition to create a deep side part.

9. Pulled Back

This prom-perfect or bridesmaids hairstyle looks awesome. You don’t necessarily have to hide your cheekbones. We have a hairstyle that can make your round face cuter and more beautiful. Just tie up your hair in a bun at the back and leave a few strands in the front. The side-parted fringes add life to this hairstyle.

10. A-Line Hairstyle

Another hairstyle for round-face women is the A-line cut. As the name suggests, your hair is cut at the same length on both sides, creating an A-line shape and adding a touch of symmetry to your face. This makes your face and neck appear longer. You need to get a hairstyle that keeps your hair length short at the back while the hair in the front has a longer length. Take a side part, and you are good to go.

11. A High Bun

The high bun combined with bangs is perfect for women with chubby cheeks. The bangs will highlight your eyes and forehead. The bun drives the attention toward the top of your head. If you are looking for a face-slimming hairstyle that can give you a neat, slim, and leaner feel, this hairstyle is for you.

12. A High Messy Ponytail

Nothing can beat a messy ponytail when it comes to face-slimming hairstyles. It looks good on all faces, especially on women with round faces. It might remind you of your school days. The long wavy hair tied into a tight ponytail that gives volume to your hair and keeps it tied is a perfect hairstyle for working women. This is one of the effortless and latest hairstyles forwomen with round faces. Parting your hair at the center will frame your face beautifully.

13. The Half Updo

Women with round faces should focus on adding volume to the top in order to drive attention toward the front hair. A half updo does just that. It’s a voluminous pouf on top of your head, and the rest of the hair can be tied into a ponytail, braided, or left loose. You just need to take all the strands from the front section and tease them. Once you are done, pin it at the back.

14. Milkmaid Braid

Milkmaid braid is a popular hairstyle that’s easy to recreate and is available on nearly all YouTube channels. Part your hair at the center into two equal sections and leave a couple of strands in front of your face. Braid both the sides. Take one braid, place it on top, and pin it above your ear. You can use bobby pins to secure both pigtails to the top of your head.

15. Twisted Ponytail

The best way to divert attention from your round and chubby cheeks is by creating a hairstyle that totally amazes everyone. If you want something different from the routine ponytail, you should give this unique hairstyle a shot. You just need to twist the ponytail at the back and flip it in front. Don’t forget to leave the bangs. Straighten the bangs and curl the rest of the hair strands until you get wavy hair.

16. Tight Curls

This hairstyle looks stunning on formal occasions, weddings, birthday parties, or evening dates with your partner. Keep the fringes in front and curl your hair strands to draw attention to the forehead. If you know how to achieve a full-curly hairstyle, getting tight curls won’t be a problem. Pick one section at a time and curl all the way from the roots to the ends. Apply hairspray once you are done so that your curls do not get loose.

17. Side Bangs

Another beautiful haircut style for round-faced females is the side bangs. If you have a long forehead and a round-shaped face, you should try side-swept bangs. Tie the rest of the hair in a bun at the back. It’s simple and takes only 5 minutes. Just straighten your fringes and sweep them on either side of your forehead. Complete your hairstyle with hairspray and a hair smoothening serum.

18. Half Up, Half Down

Half your hair is tied on top of the head and the other half is kept loose. This will keep your hair out of your face while making your face look slimmer and leaner. You can also create this hairstyle with box braids. Curl or straighten your hair if you want to experiment with different styles.

19. Boho Waves

A simple side part and bouncy waves that end right below your shoulder can give you a classy hairstyle. It gives a boho vibe, hence the name. The style creates more volume around your shoulders and drives attention to the neck, thus making your neck and the hair the focal point. The hairstyle is quite simple. You just need to part the hair on the side and curl all the strands. Use a paddle brush to loosen the curl.

20. The Mohawk

Another short haircut for round face women is the Mohawk. This one is for all the bold ladies who do not mind a boyish look. Once you get a short haircut, you just need to apply some hair gel and move your front hair to the back using your finger. You should push the hair back and on top of the head to create this style.

21. Blonde Bob

There’s something about the blonde that makes it ladies’ favorite. It looks even better when combined with bangs and a short haircut. Create soft curls and a side partition to create a blonde bob look. Bob is an incredibly gorgeous and bold haircut. You can give it a better look by coloring.

22. Loose Updo

You can never go wrong with a messy bun, especially when you have bangs. The side-swept bangs or just a few strands left loose with the rest of your hair tied in a messy bun can create a look that drives the attention away from the widest part of your face. Emma Stone did this hairstyle with a side partition and she looked flawless.

23. Uptight Bun

If you can’t find a quick hairstyle for your round-shaped face, try an uptight bun. Anushka Sharma looks gorgeous in an uptight bun, and so do all the ladies with chubby cheeks. Just gather all your hair from the front and the back and tie them up in a bun on the top of your head. Secure it with bobby pins and use hairspray to prevent any frizz.

24. Puffed-Up Hair

Puffed-up hair suits nearly all face types but is specifically perfect for round-shaped faces. It creates an elongated face and the volume on top of your head draws attention toward your hair. This can be a gorgeous prom look. Whether you want a classic hairstyle or the western, puffed-up hair is your best choice.

25. Mini-Braids on the Side

Part your hair on the side and create small braids on one side of your head. Leave the rest of the hair loose. Straighten them to draw attention toward the mini-braids. Sonakshi Sinha pulled this hairstyle off beautifully. So, it’s safe to say that mini-braids are perfect for women with round-shaped faces. To keep this hairstyle intact, use hairspray. You should also apply a serum to smoothen your locks.

Bottom Line
These were the best hairstyles for round-face women. However, don’t try to drive attention away from your round cheekbones. They look lovely. And these hairstyles will look as beautiful on other face shapes as on round faces. These can spice up your look, especially if you have chubby cheeks and you want all the attention on either your neck or the top of the head.

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