Stories Set in Stones

The latest collection by Leela — The Makers of Fine Jewellery, celebrates timeless craftsmanship, with each piece narrating its unique story

In a world dictated by ephemeral trends, very few actually have the courage to shun them. But at the now 22-year-old brand Leela — The Makers of Fine Jewellery, creativity has always transcended the boundaries of seasons and time-based trends. “Trends come and go but true craftsmanship is a thing to cherish forever,” emphasises Abhishek Jain, Director, Leela — The Makers of Fine Jewellery by A.L Jewellers.

It is this exquisite craftsmanship that the brand promises to offer next Monday (August 8) at the upcoming Sverve exhibition that will house an array of offerings from leading lifestyle brands.

Abhishek shares how the brand is excited about its showcase. “We have our share of private clients in Hyderabad and this year, we decided, was a good time to expand our audience. The Sverve exhibition seemed like the right platform as it is a very well curated space for select brands such as ours. And what better city than the city of Nizam to celebrate our own rich heritage,” he points out.

Craftsmanship Above All Else

Indeed at Leela — The Makers of Fine Jewellery, the biggest asset is the brand’s rich history.

Although the Delhi store was opened back in the year 2000, Abhishek reveals that the company’s origins can be traced back to six generations earlier. “My father has been in the jewellery industry for over 60 years now and many of our artisans too are third generation. The resulting expertise is reflected in each of our pieces that are painstakingly crafted; some of our pieces have taken years to come together since it took us that much time to collect the required gemstones. The three-strand necklace made with Burmese rubies and natural Basra pearls is one such example; it was in production for over 3 years,” explains Abhishek.

Beyond Diamonds

Not surprisingly, the brand’s USP lies not just in its range of diamond jewellery but actually in its coloured gemstone designs. From Kashmir sapphires to Panjshir emeralds and Burmese rubies, it’s all about rare stones coming together in intricate patterns. “This is what makes our jewellery so versatile; it is not limited to any one occasion because what you get is actually a classic pairing of eye-catching gemstones. Replicating them is tough since more often than not, no two stones are alike,” says Abhishek.

Lightweight Beauties

What’s also interesting is that the jewellery is quite easy to wear. Says Abhishek, “We do not make bulky or chunky pieces, so even our most elaborate creations are light and comfortable for the wearer. For instance, our chandelier earrings made with a ruby centrepiece and diamond briolettes may appear quite heavy when in fact they are not that at all.”

The Stories Within

Another fascinating aspect of their jewellery is the story behind each design. Abhishek is particularly proud of their brooch collection, which seeks inspiration from nature. He makes a mention for the bird brooch, which he regards as quite special.

“The bird brooch boasts elements of hidden movement; for example, when you touch the tail of the bird, the beak opens up, lending the brooch a rare fluidity,” he adds, enthusing about yet another statement piece: one of their emerald rings.

“The emerald in the centre is from Russia’s Ural mine; we had that emerald in the family for decades before it was finally used in this ring. And it took 11 months and over 600 man hours for the ring to come into existence.”

It is such detailing that makes the brand what it is today and Abhishek reveals how each piece is imbued with a certain mystery, one that will help the wearer make the piece his/ her own. “Even our bracelet locks are hidden behind the gemstones in order to add that bit of continuity,” he smiles.

You can view and shop for select creations from Leela — The Makers of Fine Jewellery at the Sverve exhibition happening at the Park Hyatt on August 8.

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