Go high fashion with Florals

Published Jul 5, 2018, 12:10 am IST
Updated Jul 5, 2018, 12:10 am IST
Prerna Khanna speaks with DC about her journey into films, her inspirations, current projects and more.
Prerna Khanna
 Prerna Khanna

Playing in a high fashion way helps to maintain a versatility in roles played in different films, a kind of motivation for the young actress Prerna Khanna. When fashion is something which a model or actor choose to thrive upon, summer-monsoon makes for a colourful and vibrant season to look simple but stylish.

Playing a village girl, then having a culture shock while donning  a role of NRI college student and again getting back to the native role, the ‘Bubbly’ Punjabi girl loves challenges.


Talking on the fashionable sale, ‘Pehnava’, which is featuring 40 designers including Malarvikram, Kirah, Voylla jewelleries, Mulberrie sarees, Meraki, Opalina and many, to celebrate 10th anniversary today in the city hosted by Shubha Jagan the actress expressed her fascination towards jewelries. To her, the statement of jewelry can change fashion game even not with a change in outfit. “Floral is also something which people should keep in mind and is playful, because it talks,” the young actress shared while speaking on her choice over the prints soothing in summer.

Prerna Khanna speaks with DC about her journey into films, her inspirations, current projects and more.

How did you come in to the Telugu and Tamil film industry ?
Debuting with Jallu during student hood (2008-09), post my last Telugu film Rama Rama Krishna Krishna which was a hit, I decided to pursue my graduation and post graduation respectively. My mind wasn’t prepared to conquer this cut throat industry. I was getting very interesting offers but knowing how uncertain this field is, I chose to forge ahead with my education in order to have something to fall back up on. It was indeed a risk, but I felt that it was the right thing to do and even though it wasn’t the easiest of decisions, I gave up the good projects coming my way for my education. I would give credit to my parents for having talked sense into me.

Let us in on your current projects
I am playing three different roles in three different ventures in Kollywood. I have been working on three films recently, Verenna Venum, Beep and third film Utcham.

Share some details on the characters you are playing
In Verenna Venum, I am playing a typical Tamil village girl, opposite newcomer Naren Ramtej. In its post production and is gearing up for release this year, probably on August after the audio launch. It’s produced by AM red carpet films and us directed by Shivabharati Kumaran. I am playing the role of girl who falls in love with the man online, a sensitive concept.

My other movie Beep, a crime drama is directed by L Shanmuga Sundar. The movie is in its post production phase right now having its potential release on November. This film is about a bunch of college friends and how their lives changes because of an incident.  I’m playing the lead opposite dancer Raghav Ranganathan, appearing as an NRI return.

And I play one of the leads in upcoming Utcham opposite Balakrishna Kola of Maalai Narathu Mayakam fame, directed by Chinna Kutty and produced by Kola Bhaskar. I’m essaying the role of a punjabi girl who is very outgoing and is a software engineer by profession. This movie deals with a sensitive issue and highlights the bond she shares with her best friend and for the immense love she has for Chennai.

How did you take the challenge of coping with the language while venturing into Tamil movies, being a Punjabi girl?

Not knowing the language, people often see that as a barrier, but I never did. However, it has been a while I am here in Chennai, we would have language workshops and I would do my part reading up with dialogues and practicing the same with expressions. Everybody in my team was very motivating in that beautiful blend of culture.

After spending a few years in Hyderabad,  its just been a while I have come to Chennai and feeling awesome. Venturing into Telugu movies and having a journey through Tamil industry has been a great experience for me till date. 

What are the inspirations and motivations behind your career in the film industry?
I have grown up since the age of 5 years watching Sridevi ma’am, she’s an icon for me. From the school level I have been participating in dramas and that’s how it worked. I worked immensely hard on myself to face this highly competitive industry. It was very difficult initially but the trick here is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again because you will succeed eventually. Patience is the key. By God’s grace, my parents’ support and my hard work and perseverance, I have managed to bag three Tamil films