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Jhumoor: A celebration of Bengal’s Handloom Sarees

Published Feb 5, 2020, 4:59 pm IST
Updated Feb 5, 2020, 5:51 pm IST
It beleives that a saree is not just a garment, but a six yard long story.
Jhumoor. (Photo: File)
 Jhumoor. (Photo: File)

Discipline, precision and rhythm are prerequisites for any good art. Any artist could tell you that. And none so more than handloom weavers who take years to train themselves to weave motifs with absolute perfection. What we might call pedantic, these weavers are trained to observe and correct the subtlest of variations in the designs they produce.

‘Jhumoor’ believes that a saree is not just a garment, it is a six-yard long story. The story begins in the hands of the weaver who threads together this beautiful piece of art. It is thereon passed on to the market, where it changes hands across multiple traders before it finally finds its place in the wardrobe of a beautiful lady.


The sarees being offered at the Jhumoor website are substantially cheaper than other handloom sarees being offered elsewhere. The experience that their website offers for shopping sarees is very smooth, clean and crisp.

The brand sells offline in Siliguri with the name of RG Bastra Bipani and online via their website - Jhumoor.

According to Mr Lalit Goyal, Founder, RG Bastra Bipani (Jhumoor). “We have tried to keep the clutter out and offer a premium and minimal experience for something that deserves the spotlight. None of the other websites are as clean, or as fast. The best thing is, nor are they as easy on your pockets.”

A major attraction at Jhumoor are Tant and Jamdani Sarees, which are traditional handloom sarees that have been around for generations. It is a part of the legacy and culture of all families in Bengal. Today’s metropolitan woman too wears a Tant saree regularly and one is sure to find multiple pieces with beautiful weaves in her wardrobe that she wears occasionally with immense pride and joy.

Most of the weaves take a long time to finish. A simple handloom saree with a basic circular buty weave could itself take 2-3 days to finish. On the other hand, a more complex, multi-layered Jamdani weave could take 3-6 months to complete. That is why handloom industries are probably the most labour-intensive industries in the world.

“Every year we produce some intricate new designs, but most of the designs that do really well in the market are reproduced every year, with slight changes in colour and texture,” says a handloom weaver from Shantipur.

The sarees that Jhumoor offers are unique in a lot of ways. First, each of these designs is exclusive and have started getting traction from the larger Indian market (especially online). The prices at which Jhumoor offers makes a delectable experience for its customers.

“Our concept is simple. We have been sourcing sarees from these weavers for the past 30 years and selling in Siliguri under the brand name of RG Bastra Bipani. We wanted to reach out to Pan-India with a name everyone could connect with. That is how Jhumoor was born,‘Jhumoor’ is a traditional Assamese dance and that is exactly what the brand is about. It is a celebration of this humble craft that has been a source of both livelihood and joy for generations,” says Mr Lalit Goyal, the founder and owner of RG Bastra Bipani (Jhumoor).

“We have been working on reasonable and genuine margins from Day 1. That is the only reason why our customers here trust us. We want to continue that business practice as we expand our reach online,” concludes Mr Goyal.

Much for the liking of its customers, some of the other saree variants sold by Jhumoor includes Silk, Linen, Handloom and Tant and Jamadani. Immaculately handcrafted to highlight the brilliance of every design, the ravishing collection by Jhumoor perfectly compliments their signature modern energy concocted with authentic designs.