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SUGAR Cosmetics forays into the skin category with their latest launch Sheet Masks

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Published on: October 4, 2019 | Updated on: October 4, 2019

Face masks that come in six variants with serum enriched formulations.

Six variants of face masks. (Photo: File)

Six variants of face masks. (Photo: File)

In today’s day and age where everyone is constantly on the move, a lazy Sunday spent catching up on your skincare TV show with a sheet mask on is well cherished. Bringing to you the ultimate at-home spa experience that’ll keep you enthralled, SUGAR Cosmetics has launched 6 rich variants of Sheet Masks that provide you with the luxurious, the lavish and the much-deserved extravagance to your skincare regime.

From skin-brightening to pore-care, from anti-aging to detoxifying, and not to miss the charcoal and bubble masks’ – form SUGAR’s Sheet Mask range. These Sheet Masks are packed individually with enriched formulas that help in hydrating, balancing, moisturizing, calming and brightening your skin. Also aimed at exfoliation and pore care, these sublime beauties are quick-fixes for not just that perfect Instagram moment but for the quick relaxation session you and your skin deserve. SUGAR Sheet Mask comes in 6 variants with serum enriched formulations that are bursting with good-for-skin ingredients such as green tea, rose water, aloe vera, sea buckthorn, etc. to serve a plethora of skin care purposes

Here's a list of the newly launched SUGAR Sheet Masks:

o   Charcoal Patrol Face mask: Detoxifies, reduces pores, smoothens, vitalizes, brightens and tones up the skin. Enriched with charcoal powder to remove excess sebum, green tea to reduce UV damage and coffee extract for deep exfoliation and hydration.

 o   Charcoal Patrol Bubble Mask: This one’s a treat for users as it deep cleanses, invigorates, purifies and oxygenates the skin. The generated micro-bubbles dissolve away makeup impurities and help in pore care. Infused with charcoal to exfoliate dead skin, green tea to provide UV protection and grapefruit extract for detoxification.

 o   Cheat Sheet Clarifying Mask: Controls oils, unclogs pores, controls blemishes, clarifies and purifies the skin. Supplemented with rose water to maintain skin’s pH, tea tree extract to unclog pores & salicylic acid that helps stop breakouts.

 o   Cheat Sheet Pore Care Mask: Helps maintain skin elasticity and cellular balance along with rejuvenating, hydrating and tightening it too. Green caviar minimizes wrinkles and increases firmness, aloe extract gives a calming effect and super x-rice bran strengthens skin barrier for protection.

 o  Cheat Sheet Brightening Mask: Works its magic by suppressing melanin, moisturising, invigorating and brightening skin. Infused with brown algae extract for UV protection, thyme for dark spot reduction and citrus extract for skin rehydration.

 o   Cheat Sheet Anti-Aging Mask: Carefully crafted to make sure you find the youthful glow you deserve. It improves elasticity, smoothens fine lines, revitalises and brightens skin. Enriched with sea buckthorn to aid in skin cell regeneration and to boost skin’s elasticity, blueberry extract to reduce wrinkles and grapeseed oil for sun protection. Also Lemon juice, honey extract and adenosine help in exfoliation.


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