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Published on: February 3, 2017 | Updated on: February 4, 2017

This city-based designer's creations are inspired by the traditional dance form of Yakshagana. She shares her journey so far...

Parinitha Malavalli Nagaraju

Parinitha Malavalli Nagaraju

The year is starting off on a high note for Parinitha Malavalli Nagaraju. The city-based designer is all set to show case her innovative creations at the ongoing fashion week, all that she designed single handedly!

We speak to the quirky and fun-loving 27-year-old who wishes to bring back Indian culture through her designs, about her  aspirations, inspirations, challenges and journey so far...

Becoming a designer was not at the top of Parinitha’s list, as a child. At least not until her other aspiration was questioned by her mother! "For some reason, I was very fascinated with airhostesses in the fifth grade and had set my mind on becoming one. But that was the year an Air India flight got highjacked and my mom asked me what I would do if the same happened to the flight I was in," recalls the budding designer. And her response was impulsive! "That’s when I said ok — I’ll be a designer then. And from then it just sort of stayed.

When I run into my friends from school, they are surprised that I actually followed through and became what I said I would," says the Parinitha, who then went on to study fashion in NIFT. Did her mother not question this career choice, are inquisitive to know.

"No! I think they liked the fact that I chose to follow my own path rather than become a doctor or an engineer, because that’s what everybody else in my family ended up doing. I was also sort of a rebel – so I managed to get my way which annoyed my sister because she did her engineering," Parinitha smiles.

The young designer also revealed that her label is currently a one woman show! "I work alone but don’t think it’s a very big deal. I’m not really in the place to support somebody else financially, but maybe it’s time to consider getting some help," admits Parinitha, who single handedly designed around 28 pieces for her first show, from start to finish! Her current designs Song of Yakshas,  have been inspired by the traditional dance form of Yakshagana.

"I like to take inspiration from cultural elements. Our country is rich in culture but its dying out and I want to do my bit in trying to revive it. And right now, I think Yakshagana needs to be put out there," Parinatha who also manages to constantly keep herself motivated through music, says. Who would be her dream to collaborate with...

"Sabhyasachi," she says even before the question is complete! "It’s every designers dream. But I would also like to collaborate with budding graphic designers from the city to come up with some interesting patterns for my designs," she says in conclusion.

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