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Curls & the art of mane-tenance

Deccan Chronicle| Cathine Chen

Published on: March 2, 2018 | Updated on: March 2, 2018

An online community that helps you manage and maintain your wavy locks has been trending majorly in namma ooru.

Asha Barrack

Asha Barrack

It’s an age-old predicament. Those with straight hair want bouncy curls, and those with curls want a silken straight mane. But, seriously, there is nothing better than sticking to your natural roots, literally! A group called the Indian Curl Pride, an online community helps you bring out the best in your wavy locks, and has been vastly trending in the city.

Asha Barrack, a Mumbaikar founded this group three years ago before she moved to Singapore. The idea? When she realised the lack of awareness on how to take care of those unmanageable curls, she started writing a blog and shared her wisdom with the world. Now the group has gained around 12k members.

"You do not find any help from salons as most of them just ask you to straighten it, and never tell you how to embrace curls, and wear it naturally.  It is not that people do not like curly hair in India; people do compliment you when you sport it well. I started to write about how to maintain curly hair and later I realised, we needed a platform where we all can discuss our hair care routines, favourite products, exchange reviews and share the joy that we get to see our once problematic hair turned into our crowning glory and now our identity," she says.

This group has many members from Bengaluru, and we speak to them about their experiences.

Pratibha Devi, a crafter, and a full-time single mother says, "My curls have been a problem all my life. They have given me confidence issues! I’ve tried brushing them straight; oiling them, tying them, but nothing works or looks good. I have straightened my hair once in 2011 and I didn’t like it. Seeing good looking, manageable curls on others always made me wonder how they do it but many were not open to discussing their secrets. In 2014, I went 100 per cent bald, and decided to take care of my curls and met a stylist who helped me with it. But when I checked the products, they were loaded with silicones and paraben. One day, I came across Indian Curl Pride on a random FB group where people were discussing healthy lifestyle choices and decided to check it out. God bless that day! I have embarked on the Curly Girl method and there is no looking back."            

This group is definitely not like your regular profit-making group where people might want to scam you for making some money. 

Kavita Rao, a scientist sheds light and advice all the women who want to go straight instead of their natural curls, "Treat your hair well, and it treats you back well. Your hair won’t get tangled if you follow the routine, LISTEN, EXPERIMENT, deep condition. If you follow this mantra, hair would not tangle as much and you have to remember that you spent years damaging your hair, don’t expect miracles in a day or few weeks. Just using products will not help you, but the method of application is equally important. DO not go by mere advertising, research on ingredients and what suits YOUR hair. What works for one curl may not work for others. Do not throw in the towel yet."

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