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Top 5 Fashion Hacks

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Published on: August 1, 2023 | Updated on: August 1, 2023

Looking for ways to improve your fashion sense? Check our top 5 fashion hacks!

Wearing what you feel comfortable in will help increase your outlook on yourself and boost your self-worth.  Freepik

Wearing what you feel comfortable in will help increase your outlook on yourself and boost your self-worth. Freepik

Fashion is a reflection of one’s personality. It is one of the best forms of self-expression centered around a specific context, such as place, time, and purpose. What’s more, the right styling tricks can boost one’s self-confidence and can influence others into respecting your individuality. Wearing what you feel comfortable in will help increase your outlook on yourself and boost your self-worth.

In this fast-paced world, we are dependent on hacks and tricks to make our lives easier. While we love to learn these hacks for almost every field in our day-to-day lives, why must fashion be left out? Making just a few simple changes in your wardrobe and your styling methods may create a significant impact on the onlookers.

These days, we may come across several fashion hacks everywhere - be it Facebook, YouTube, etc. However, we know it is difficult to remember and apply each of them in practical life. Therefore, to keep things simple and fun, we have shortlisted the best fashion hacks for men and women, which you can follow to upgrade your look.

1.    Get More Basics

You might be hearing this fashion hack time and again from the numerous fashion influencers you have been following on social media or even your parents and friends. And there is a logic behind it. Avoid investing your hard-earned money in trendy outfits, as they won’t stay for long. Focus on increasing the shelf life of your garments. So, filling your closet with seasonal and trendy pieces is not a good idea.

Ultimately, you are not going to wear them after the trend is over. Besides, these will not just take up space in your closet but also be a waste of money. Hence, it’s always wise to focus on the essentials that won’t ever run out of fashion. Buy well-fitted and comfy neutral-colored clothing pieces to create a more elegant and minimalistic look.

Refrain from purchasing a lot of prints, unique patterns, silhouettes, and shades. Invest in timeless pieces you will feel comfortable in, and which will never run out of fashion. Besides, it would be your perfect go-to outfit.

Furthermore, choose garments that can pair up with any combination of tops, trousers, dresses, footwear, etc. This way, you can style up a single attire in multiple ways and club it with different colors and accessories. So, go back to the basics to create a more casual and simplistic look.

2.    Learn the Dress Codes

On days when you are unsure about the right combination of your tops and bottoms, the following dress code basics will be your savior.


To create a simple and casual look for a casual evening date or for hitting the groceries, keep the following tips in mind.
a)    Dress comfortably.
b)    Avoid overdressing.
c)    Avoid workout outfits or sweatpants (unless necessary).
d)    Pair your favorite tees and jeans, clubbed with cute accessories, to make it your simple go-to outfit.

    Business Casual

It may sound contradictory, but, let’s say, it’s a casual Friday at your workplace, then the following styling ideas may be suitable.
a)    It is a bit more comfortable than a business formal, such as an unstructured or casual blazer.
b)    Avoid open-toe shoes.
c)    Usually, you should avoid T-shirts or jeans, but you can wear tees only if it's plain and has solid or neutral shades. Pair it with a blazer.
d)    Keep your accessories and jewelry minimalistic unless you are using them as statement pieces to create a bold look.

    Smart Casual

If you have a corporate party to attend or wish to visit some social event, go for smart casuals.
a)    You can still dress comfortably but only create a smarter look.
b)    Go with your favorite tees with dark jeans. But choose the right accessories and jewelry to create an elevated look.
c)    Go with unstructured blazers and smart pants to add a level of sophistication to your casuals.

    Business Formal

Be it an important conference meeting, a client presentation day, or a corporate speech you wish to deliver, business formals speak a thousand words about your professionalism, accountability, and success.
a)    While discussing fashion hacks for men, a neutral shaded suit and shirt, clubbed with a smart-looking tie and a pair of black or brown shoes would be a business formal.
b)    And for women, wearing a pencil skirt or dress pants with a matching blazer would be ideal.
c)    Women can carry loafers, heels, or designer flats.
d)    Avoid all kinds of casual pieces, including tees, jeans, etc.
e)    Keep multiple tops that can pair well with the same bottoms.

    Black Tie

Black tie refers to a semiformal Western dress code suitable for evening events or parties.
a)    Choose floor-length dresses.
b)    Use dainty jewelry pieces to add elegance to your outfit. You can use statement jewelry only if you are wearing simple or neutral-colored dresses.
c)    Quality flats or heels will add a touch of refinement and grace.


Cocktail attire helps to bridge the gap between night and day. In other words, it creates a balance between casual and formal attire, as well as comfort and elegance.
a)    Go for midi, mini, and bodycon dresses.
b)    Wear suitable attire that you feel is appropriate for the event.
c)    Pair smartly with outerwear, such as shawls, trench coats, etc.
d)    Club with statement jewelry or dainty pieces for an enhanced look.

3.    Shop According to Your Climate

We often tend to make impulsive buying decisions every time we come across a pretty dress or a classy outfit. It often comes from our habit of romanticizing all kinds of garments, even if it's not seasonal. However, consider the environment and climate you live in, at least for most times in a year.

For example, if you live in colder regions, you might want to invest in warmer garments, and if your country remains hot throughout the year-long, purchase breathable clothes, such as sundresses. The idea is to stay comfortable in your climate.

Avoid wasting money on buying clothes you will hardly need in your weather situations. This, in turn, will fill up your closet with items you will never wear. Therefore, invest in the basic outfits for the specific climate you are experiencing year-round. As a result, you will also have more combinations of clothes and a higher number of options.

There are endless ways you can club different clothing pieces together by complementing or contrasting different shades and patterns. Play around with multiple styles, and you are going to love the result! So, here are some seasonal fashion designer hacks to help you get an idea of the basics you need.

    Fashion Hacks for Summer

a)    Put on light layers to beat the heat and protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
b)    Switch your heavy denims to lightweight and breathable trousers, palazzos, and straight pants.
c)    Accessorize with hats to provide yourself the much-needed shade from the scorching sun rays.
d)    Step into breathable footwear rather than closed-toe shoes or heavy boots (unless it's a part of your formal look or uniform).
e)    Use lightweight scarves and tie them around the neck to make your summer attire look more popping and vibrant. Plus, scarves will also keep your skin covered, thus preventing skin tans or burns.
f)    Wear sweatproof makeup.

    Monsoon Fashion Hacks

a)    Invest in open, anti-skid sandals, flip-flops, floaters, or slippers. Unless you are investing in rain boots or gum boots, avoid wearing closed shoes and leather footwear, as they would soak in the rainwater collected from puddles or during heavy downpours.
b)    Choose waterproof outerwear, such as a waterproof jacket or a raincoat. These are ideal for people who hate carrying bulky umbrellas.
c)    Use layering pieces with light clothing.
d)    Invest in clothes that can adapt to different temperatures, as the rain may decide to pour suddenly after a bright, sunny day.
e)    Choose dresses with short hemlines to avoid getting your clothes muddy or wet.
f)    Do quick-drying hairstyles, such as a bun, ponytail, or braids.

    Fashion Hacks for Winter

a)    Avoid tucking sweaters into your pants, as it will make your bottoms look bulky.
b)    Invest in more layering pieces, such as stoles, scarves, caps, thin sweaters, warm inners, etc.
c)    Avoid overlayering - stick to three layers or even fewer. Avoid putting on weight, as it may make your moves difficult.
d)    You can make your normal dresses wearable in the colder months. For example, you can wear your maxis and midis wearable by layering a turtleneck underneath these dresses. It will keep you cozy and warm all day while upgrading your style statement.
e)    Invest in tights and layer them with socks. Tights are must-haves during the chilly weather, as you don’t want to step outside with bare legs. However, keep in mind that tights may not be quite helpful in colder temperatures. So, layer them with a pair of stockings or your regular, cozy socks to cover your legs and keep them warm enough.
f)    Prepare your shoes for the chilling months, especially when you don’t have a pair of winter boots. Make your regular boots and shoes wearable during winter by using a weatherproofing spray that will ward off salt and water stains.

4.    Invest in Breathable Fabrics

Your skin will thank you for that. Always choose natural and premium quality fabrics, including cotton, linen, silk, flax, hemp, wool, bamboo, etc. These textiles and fabrics are highly durable, sustainable, and affordable.

Apart from returning to nature, these natural fabrics can be highly breathable, comfortable, moisture-wicking, and biodegradable. Most importantly, these textiles will attract less dirt. In short, you will feel good to wear clothing made of natural fabrics.

Due to the unique fiber structures of these fabrics, they are permeable, which means they will pass through any heat or body odor. As a result, you will stay more comfy throughout the day, especially when you spend long hours at your workplace. It is perfect for summer, making you feel comfortable by absorbing the perspiration and passing it outside your body.

What’s more, some of these natural fabrics are flame-resistant and durable, and even come with antimicrobial properties. Hence, these are extremely safe for your skin and your overall health.

Never choose artificial synthetic fibers, especially during summer. These may look trendy and stylish but won’t make you feel comfortable. And if your skin is sensitive, always go for natural fabrics to avoid skin rashes or other dermatological issues.

5.    Reuse Old Clothes

The world is moving towards sustainable fashion, and it starts from home. Reuse your old clothes rather than dumping them onto one corner after wearing them once or twice. This is why investing in simple and timeless clothing is necessary, so they don’t run out of fashion. Increase the shelf-life of your clothes instead of buying new ones.

If there are a lot of old but less-worn garments or dress materials in your closet, recycle them. Or better still, upcycle them by tailoring them into new pieces. For example, you can turn old jeans into shorts, a saree into a lehenga or salwar suit, or an old denim dress into a denim skirt. Be creative and play with different clothing pieces to design your unique outfit.

One of the most important girls' fashion hacks is to mix and match several looks and attire. Women’s fashion is incomplete without a good diversity of patterns, prints, and hues. Fashion changes rapidly. Therefore, invest in pieces that would never step out of fashion trends. Avoid buying trending clothes that are going to be outdated after months or even weeks.

Furthermore, select clothes whose colors and fabrics are good, so you will feel nice wearing them, irrespective of the occasion or season. Also, it’s not a good idea to use clothes for upcycling that are too thin or worn out. There are high chances they will rip off while retailoring them. While mixing and matching different pieces, pay attention to the prints, patterns, colors, and fabrics you are clubbing together.

Final Words

To conclude, the above fashion hacks for guys and girls should help you make better styling choices. Invest in sustainable clothing as much as possible and pair and accessorize your outfits smartly. Choosing the right pair of pieces and accessories can upgrade even mundane and simplistic attire. Good luck with your implementing these fashion hacks, and happy styling!

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