Harsh Summer and Hard Summer Fail To Dampen Workers’ Spirit of Life

Hyderabad: In the harsh summer heat, roads and markets get sparsely populated as people prefer to stay indoors in the comfort of air conditioned homes or offices. But some people such as construction workers are damned to work under the scorching sun at the temperature of around 44ºC to earn their livelihood.

As Hyderabad is a hub for infrastructure with a bustling real estate market, the construction workers — coming from all corners of the country — will start their work at 8 in the morning and retire home only after the sun sets. The only respite for them on a harsh sunny day is a cool drink of water from an earthen pot.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle during her lunch break at her construction site in the financial district, Neelamma, who is in mid-thirties, lamented that the day for construction workers begins early.

“My husband and I head out for work at 8 am. We work until the sun sets, and earn just enough, between Rs 500 and Rs 700 a day, to meet our daily needs. I make sure that my children go to school. But the heat and mosquitoes often make them sick, so we visit the hospital quite often,” Neelamma said.

Despite their hard work, they are happy and content. “Yet, in the evenings, we find comfort in each other's company. Every evening we cook together. Sometimes, the food isn't exactly what my kids want, but my kids understand our struggle and eat what we have prepared for them.”

“Once every three months, we visit our hometown to meet our relatives and take care of their responsibilities. We may be far from home, but our hearts are always connected.”

As she speaks, her husband chips in to say that they find strength in each other’s love, which helps them to navigate through the rigamarole of life.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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