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IMD: Heat wave alert issued for parts of Andhra Pradesh

Deccan Chronicle.| V. Kamalakara Rao

Published on: March 27, 2022 | Updated on: March 28, 2022

State likely to register 45 degree Celsius severe heat wave at two locations today

Youngsters protect themselves from the scorching heat. (DC Image)

Youngsters protect themselves from the scorching heat. (DC Image)

Visakhapatnam: Scorching heat conditions are set to return this summer across the Andhra Pradesh.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) and AP State Disaster Management Authority (APSDMA) have sounded a heat wave alert for 62 out of 670 mandals in 13 districts on March 28.

The number of mandals would gradually increase in the coming weeks heading up to the peak summer.

Based on the IMD forecast reports, the APSDMA said the heat wave conditions have started on Sunday. People of 32 mandals could have experienced the sweltering weather conditions. On Sunday, Kurnool registered the state’s highest 40.5 degree Celsius in the last 24 hours, IMD director S Stella for the Amaravati Centre said.

"Garugubilli and Komarada in Vizianagaram district will experience severe heat wave conditions with the maximum temperatures of 45 degree C and 44.4 degree C respectively on March 28," an APSDMA functionary said.

Eight out of 13 districts will face heat waves from Monday. However, 19 of the 62 mandals would be from Vizianagaram, the highest in the state, followed by 13 in Visakhapatnam district, 10 in Krishna, 6 in Srikakulam, 5 in East Godavari, 4 in Guntur, 3 in Kurnool and 2 in Kadapa.

According to a meteorologist from the cyclone warning centre, a heat wave is confirmed if the maximum temperature of a station reaches 37 degree C or more for the coastal stations. The departure of maximum temperature is  when it falls 4.5 to 6.4 degree C from the normal heat wave condition. The criteria should be met at least in two stations of a meteorological subdivision for at least two consecutive days. It will be declared so on the second day.

For plain stations, a heat wave is confirmed if the maximum temperature at a station reaches at least 40 degree C. The departure of maximum temperature from the normal should be 4.5-6.4 degree C. However, for hill stations, the maximum temperature should reach 30 degree C.

Heat wave forecast on March 28 /number of mandals
Vizianagaram- 13
Visakhapatnam- 13
Krishna -10
Srikakulam – 6
East Godavari – 5
Guntur – 4
Kurnool – 3
Kadapa -2

Severe heat wave is likely at two mandals in AP on March 28:
Garugubilli in Vizianagaram district – 45 degree C; Komarada in Vizianagaram district – 44.4 degree C
(source: APSDMA)

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