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Swap your daily use products with these eco-friendly alternatives

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Published on: April 22, 2019 | Updated on: April 22, 2019

World Earth Day: Eco-friendly alternatives for things you use every day.

The time has come to opt for sustainability for us as well as for the generations to come. (Photo: ANI)

The time has come to opt for sustainability for us as well as for the generations to come. (Photo: ANI)

New Delhi: As the seriousness of environmental problems become clearer, our responses towards it continue to lack urgency. The current era is all about turning towns into smart cities, owning smartphones, and luxurious vehicles. But do we realise the impact these high tech products are leaving on our environment?

Industries are spending a monstrous amount of energy and emit a high level of greenhouse gases in order to meet the huge demands of such contemporary products. So, pause for a moment and take a pledge to adopt eco-friendly lifestyle this World Earth Day and contribute our bit to the environment.

Opting for Eco-friendly or green products can help in the long term. It can save you some cash, with also giving you a healthier lifestyle. Of course, it will help protect the environment and thus can help to make this planet a better place to live. Here is a list of day-to-day Eco-friendly products that can be swapped with harmful products.

Water Bottles/containers

Plastic bottles or water bottles not only pollute the environment but also add chemical to the water we drink from it. Instead, you can use handmade, reusable and biodegradable clay bottles. This makes for a healthier alternative and also keeps the water cool. These clay bottles are easily available online.

Tissue and wipes

Wipes and tissues are made of plastic and are causing huge environmental problems. Switching it with biodegradable wipes can reduce so much of plastic waste. In addition, green wipes are chemical and odour free. These wipes from brands like Mother Sparsh, Innisfree, Kolan, are available at the retail stores.

Waste bag and carry bag

Ban on plastic bags or disposable bag isn't new. Although the government is doing its work by banning plastic, as a responsible citizen, one must carry jute bags while shopping. Brands like EnviGreen produce organic and biodegradable alternatives for plastic.

Recycled paper

Even in this digital age, we use paper for several purposes. These paper products cause equally as much as pollution as any other waste products. Hence, by switching it to Eco-friendly or recyclable paper, we can save energy, water, and space for landfill. There are many brands that have Eco-friendly printing papers in various sizes. Plus using handmade paper is always a better option.


There are brands who have introduced green bamboo toothbrushes. Its handles are made from bamboo and bristles with nylon. These brushes apparently take lesser time in degrading, leaving us with less pollution.

Decorative items

Home decor items also create solid waste. Using green artefacts can lead to sustainability. Brands like SR Artefacts, designs completely Eco-friendly pots and decorative items. These are crafted by the technology of silver sputtering.

Cutlery (Fork, Spoon, Knives, and Tasters)

Cut off plastic from the kitchen too. Either use steel utensils or green products. Plastic material leaks harmful chemicals, especially when you heat it.

Sanitary Pads

Feminine hygiene brand brands like Laiqa and Azah are producing bio-degradable sanitary napkin, which is affordable, hygienic and sustainable.


The apparel industry is also going green. Brands like W is focusing on to produce sustainable clothing, which is made out of green resources such as cotton, linen, and natural dyes. These are trendy yet comfortable for every-day, casual, work, and party wear.

The time has come to opt for sustainability for us as well as for the generations to come.

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