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Pocket-friendly cycles to rent

Published May 17, 2019, 11:53 pm IST
Updated May 17, 2019, 11:58 pm IST
There is no better way to beat the traffic in Bengaluru, then to hire a bike for and commute around the city.
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If you live in Bengaluru there is a high probability that you are subject to the boredom caused by traffic woes. While radio channels reach  a point of saturation with their content, commuting for a majority of people in the city is a strenuous task.  However, you don’t have to succumb to it. There has been an evolution in the cycling culture and might just be the silver lining most commuters are looking for.

Tired of sitting in your car and moving at a snail’s pace? Then you might just want to consider riding a bicycle. Although at first, this concept might seem irrational to many, it has several advantages and in a city like ours, they outweigh the cons. The easiest way to  commute by a bicycle even if you don’t own one is by hiring a rental. In just under Rs 20  you can hire a cycle for an hour. Renting out a cycle is pocket friendly  and can keep you away from the the long queues and high priced fuel in petrol bunks. Sneha Chavara an employee in a software company said, “There are so many advantages of rental cycles, the one that will really catch people’s eye is how inexpensive they are. This is a fun mode of transportation which is cost-efficient and much better than just sitting in a car.”


One of the major reasons why we should make a switch to bicycles is to promote the environment and physical fitness. You can burn several hundred calories by cycling for just 30 minutes a day. Moreover, the use cycles can help cut down CO2 emissions by at least 10 per cent by  2050. Hridya Mariam George a student of economics said, “According to me, such bicycles are extremely convenient and they definitely promote health and decreased pollution. The fact that anyone can access them with just the app is a very smart option. If people actually did opt for such means of transportation there would be much less traffic on the road, and much less polluted gases being expelled into our atmosphere. It’s an interesting initiative to promote good health and a greener environment. We should keep trying to promote such alternatives more often.”


These cycles can also be a solution to pass time on a boring evening. With there being hundreds of these cycles present near almost any lake or park in the city, it’s become super convenient to take a pleasant ride in the evening and gaze at the sunset. The Agara lake has become a hotspot for people to hire a cycle, as the view is spectacular and the birdlife around the lake makes it one of the most peaceful areas in the city. Madappa PS a student of psychology said, “They are easy to locate and offer a fun ride around the lake. They can be used for both recreational and end to endpoint connectivity. There is so much scope in this method of transportation!”


These means of transportation can be the solution that the city needs to break away from the hectic traffic, unhealthy lifestyle and releasing more harmful pollutants in the atmosphere.