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Bangalore based startup, DrinkPrime is making drinking water accessible for Indians

Published Nov 12, 2019, 12:28 pm IST
Updated Nov 12, 2019, 12:28 pm IST
It combines the convenience of a water purifier and the economics of bottled water into one product. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)
 It combines the convenience of a water purifier and the economics of bottled water into one product. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)

Water scarcity in Bangalore has been a rising problem since the past couple of years. Availability of clean drinking water is a hurdle that many residents face today. With the existing suppliers of drinking water not meeting the requirements and needs of the customer, a clear solution to the problem is required. DrinkPrime, an innovative venture in Bangalore, has decided to get to the crux of tackling this issue. The company offers clean drinking water at affordable rates throughout Bangalore. “DrinkPrime is aware of the growing issue of clean water availability in the country and it has always been our aim to solve this problem by offering affordable and accessible clean,” shares Manas, co-founder of DrinkPrime.

The company achieves affordability by installing water purifiers in the premises of the customer and providing them with drinking water. The water is treated with RO, UV and UF for ensuring the quality of the water. The supply of water is under fixed charges based on the usage of the customer. Drink Prime goes a step forward by providing the user with a mobile app that can be used to renew the subscription of a water filter.

In recent years, water cans have been the source of drinking water for the majority of people in Bangalore. It created two main problems. The cans in which the water is supplied is dirty and the water is filled in unhygienic conditions. Adding to the worry, the untimely delivery of these cans is worrisome. DrinkPrime has set forth to mitigate these issues. First, the water quality is ensured using the purifiers. Secondly, the user is given an uninterrupted supply of water which is charged at a fixed rate per month. “DrinkPrime is offering the most efficient water service for consumers. We handle the entire process — from instalment to filtering to monitoring — so users don’t have to worry about anything. They will always have clean drinking water,” explains Vijender Reddy, co-founder of DrinkPrime.

The idea behind starting up DrinkPrime was the water crisis of Bangalore. People of Bangalore come from various parts of the country with many staying in rented homes unsure of the duration of their stay. Due to this, many resorts to the use of bottled water which, studies have found has an adverse effect on the health of the individual. Along with this, the high cost associated with owning and maintaining a water purifier led to the genesis of DrinkPrime. 

To provide quality service to the customers, the company provides installation of the water purifiers free of cost. The cost of the water purifier is borne by the company. The maintenance cost is completely free and the purifiers are upgraded to the latest technology every 36 months. The installation process is completed within a day. Adding to this, the company offers a free 7-day trial after which the decision lies upon the customer to continue or withdraw. With various plans available, the pricing is done to ensure affordability to the user. The DrinkPrime mobile app ensures convenience.

The pricing scheme focuses on providing the wherewithal for the customer to afford the day to day water expenses. There are three plans under which the customers are given the option of choosing between basic, easy and intermediate. The basic plan of Rs350/month provides 125 litres whereas in the easy plan the company provides 300 litres for Rs500/month. The saver pack gives 600 litres for Rs700/month. Payment could be done through the Drink Prime mobile app. Technology is used to prevent any inconvenience to the user.

DrinkPrime combines the convenience of a water purifier and the economics of bottled water into one product. The team has excelled in providing a cost-effective and user-friendly purifier along with the convenience of water supply to the people's home. With over 10K customers spread throughout the city, DrinkPrime has set a new standard for water purity in Bangalore.

DrinkPrime is revolutionary in providing a solution to the impending water crisis in India, especially in cities. In cities where the majority of the people are busy with stringent work schedules, convenient supply of water is essential. This is the area of their expertise. By not only providing a constant water supply but also ensuring that it is clean, it is a great alternative for the traditional methods of water supply. The commoners are the greatest beneficiaries of this. The planning is done to ensure greater availability to the common people. The startup is bound to grow beyond its boundaries in the upcoming years. It is innovations like that of DrinkPrime, a country like India needs. 



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