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The pledge to reduce plastic footprints

Published Jun 5, 2019, 5:29 pm IST
Updated Jun 5, 2019, 5:41 pm IST
Various beauty brands boycott the use of plastics.
Various brands have taken the initiative to boycott plastic and are growing eco-conscious. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)
 Various brands have taken the initiative to boycott plastic and are growing eco-conscious. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

According to the Journal Sciences Advance, we have created 8.3 billion metrics of plastics that has not degraded yet. Realising the need of the hour, government and various companies have modelled plans that will help in decreasing single-use plastic and promote recycling of these waste materials. Various brands have taken the initiative to boycott plastic and are growing eco-conscious. Here are some of the beauty brands you have taken the initiative to be more responsible for nature and cause less environmental hazards.

CEO and Founder, Plum Goodness, Shankar Prasad shares that sustainability has been one of their four core values right since inception. To him, the ultimate definition of sustainability is giving back more to Mother Earth than they take from her. Here are some things we've done as a business over the years:


Giving back 1 per cent of their sales: As members of 1 per cent for the Planet, Plum (as well as Phy) give back 1 per cent of their sales to environmental non-profits. They have partnered with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) over the years, and as their contribution has grown, they have even involved their customers to pick the causes they would like them to be associated with at WWF.

Using only recyclable packaging: They are perhaps one of the few companies, which began each packaging vendor discussion with "what's it made of?". Using only recyclable plastics like PET, PE and PP (and avoiding PVC, SAN, ABS etc) make their packaging much more recyclable.


#Empties4Good: They are the first brand in India to offer a FREE pickup service (anywhere in India) for picking up empties of Plum (and Phy). All the customers have to do is to drop us an email or WhatsApp request and they take care of the rest by connecting the empties to a certified recycler. Not just that, the customers get rewarded with store points which they can redeem against their future purchases!

Planting trees: In association with, we periodically run campaigns where they plant a tree (and e-mail a personalised certificate) for every customer order. It's fun (and fulfilling) to count the number of trees planted!


They have lots more in the works, to move faster and further towards their goal of true sustainability. This is also one of the first things every new employee learns in their organisation.

The Body Shop launched they're it’s first Community Trade recycled plastic, in partnership with Plastics For Change, Hasiru Dala and Hasiru Dala Innovations. This is The Body Shop’s bespoke and independently-verified fair trade programme that was launched on World Fair Trade Day, with a commitment to tackle the plastic crisis differently. 


India has 1.5 million waste pickers who collect and sort over 6,000 tonnes of plastic every day that would otherwise pollute rivers and oceans. The majority of them are Dalits, previously known as ‘untouchables’. They are vulnerable to discrimination, poor living and working conditions and an unpredictable payment system. With over three decades of working with disadvantaged communities around the world, The Body Shop is applying its expertise to help fight for people and the planet.

In India, The Body Shop has launched its in-store recycling programme – BBOB (Bring Back Our Bottles), encouraging customers to return empty plastic packaging in stores for recycling. It’s currently operational across 40 stores. Planned as a pan-India initiative, it is a significant step for the brand towards valuing plastic and protecting the environment.


Working with a start-up company and small waste picker communities means starting small and scaling up slowly and sustainably. They will receive a fair price for their work, a predictable income and access to better working conditions. They will also get help in accessing services such as education, financial loans and healthcare.

“As a company, we’ve always had the conviction to stand up for our principles when it comes to helping empower people, especially women while protecting our planet. Our new Community Trade partnership will not only help support waste pickers but also champion plastic as a valuable, renewable resource when used responsibly.  We want to use plastic recycling to help transform lives.” Lee Mann, Global Community Trade Manager for The Body Shop.


Oriflame is committed to creating products that are not just good for its customers but also for the planet. While creating high quality and effective products, Oriflame only uses natural extracts and each ingredient undergoes eco-ethical screening to ensure that it is safe and of superior quality. The brand ensures that none of the ingredients is derived from endangered sources.

Each scrub product from the brand contains natural-origin exfoliants, such as almond shells, instead of plastic micro-beads. All of its products conform to strict European standards and do not contain any GMOs. The brand also has a keen focus on protecting the world’s forests, water bodies, and the climate.


Oriflame only uses sustainably sourced paper packaging and catalogues,  96 per cent of paper packaging, product leaflets, and catalogues….come from credible certified or recycled sources 100 per cent Palmoil Through RSPO Credits (of which 39 per cent via Mass Balance vs 7 per cent).  It aims to further reduce its water dependency by 2025 by launching new waterless products as part of a key range by 2025. It has also reduced greenhouse gas emissions from global Oriflame operations by 36 per cent since 2010.  

Zerogravity Aesthetics makes an effort to provide the safest products to the clients; our aim is to always deliver quality and sustainability. With the same thought process, Zerogravity has joined hands with ONC to promote safe, organic and cruelty-free effective products in the Indian market. Quinuoaplex R3 Contains natural hydrolyzed quinoa and certified organic ingredients including quinoa protein and aloe vera.


 It is Free from silicone, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, DEA, and aldehydes and is GMO-Free and Gluten Free. Along with the products we make an effort to use 90 per cent reusable bags for packaging, we are focusing on cardboard packaging. Along with that, we make it a point to recycle our IT equipment like computers, laptop and printers.