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People take to ‘seedball bombing’ to boost greenery

Published Aug 2, 2022, 3:31 pm IST
Updated Aug 2, 2022, 4:39 pm IST

HYDERABAD: Civil society members, including NGOs and government schools, are undertaking an initiative called 'Seedball bombing' to help add greenery to the city and strike an environmental balance. In effect the move supports the Haritha Haram initiative.

The seed balls are made up of a mixture of seeds, clay and compost that includes cow urine. They have a longer germination span.

Venkat Ankam founder of a city-based NGO said, "Seedball bombing has vast scope. Planting a sapling or trees requires more labour and funds in lakhs which is not the case with this exercise. I can make one lakh seed balls by spending a mere `10,000."

"Many people are unsure about the success rate of the seedball bombing, but if proper steps are followed in making a seed ball like choosing fresh seeds, right mix of soil, compost and drying them properly, the results can be desirable. We are opting for tamarind, custard apple and gulmohar seeds."

A one day training programme was conducted by Mahabubnagar forest department last month for people from various departments and fields.

Principal of Mansoorabad government dchool Vidyabathi Pinjarla said " We have made a group of 20 students from class 8 to class 10 who will be volunteering in making the seed balls and bombing them. We are happy to contribute to the environment."

Ecologists are welcoming the move, albeit with some suggestions and concerns.

Kobita Dass Kolli says "There are two critical aspects in seedball bombing - the type of seed that is used and the place where the balls will be bombed. Denuded land is the right place to drop the seedballs made up of seeds from the nearby area. Moreover, the seedballs should be dropped and not thrown."

Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad


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