Duolingo Survey: 95% Urban Indians Embrace Fandoms in Daily Language

Duolingo survey reveals how fandoms shape urban Indians' language, fostering connections and transforming it into an expressive reflection of shared passion

Marvel's rallying cry 'Avengers, assemble!' and the iconic fervor of 'Mogambo khush hua' from the classic Indian film 'Mr. India' are deeply ingrained in the lives of urban Indians, showcasing the significant impact of fandoms on language and retention. Collaborating with YouGov, Duolingo has uncovered the intricate influence of cultural phenomena and fandoms on daily language and lifestyle, revealing their profound impact on Indian culture.

Spotlighting various major fandoms, the survey unveiled that 64% of urban Indians find influence in their language and daily life from Hollywood or Bollywood movies, web series, and music. Particularly, 37% of Indians feel a significant impact stemming from the universe of Marvel, DC Comics, K-Dramas, or Anime, while an additional 60% of Indians attribute their enhanced language skills and daily experiences to technology, science, or literature fandoms.

Expressions from beloved fandoms seamlessly blend into daily conversations among urban Indians. Phrases like 'May the Force be with you' from 'Star Wars' have integrated into everyday language, conveying sentiments of goodwill or luck. For 62% of Indians, integrating terms from fandoms or pop culture isn't solely about language; it's a medium for infusing humor and joy into daily interactions, creating engaging and light-hearted atmospheres among enthusiasts who share similar fandom references. For example, inserting a clever phrase like 'Winter is coming' from 'Game of Thrones' swiftly generates an engaging and light-hearted atmosphere among enthusiasts who share similar fandom references.

The survey also unearthed notable trends in linguistic enhancement via fandoms. Nearly 62% of Indians acknowledged a substantial improvement in language retention and comprehension upon integrating cultural or fandom references. Moreover, 58% identified referencing fandoms as a means to cultivate connections among like-minded individuals, evoking nostalgic sentiments and nurturing shared interests.

● Karandeep Singh Kapany, Regional Marketing Director at Duolingo, reflected on the recent study by expressing, “Our survey uncovers the interconnected relationship between fandoms and language, revealing how these cultural and artistic interests, ranging from Marvel to K-Drama, intricately shape our lives. It's truly inspiring to witness how India's enthusiasm for fandom fuels the pursuit of learning new languages and cultures. This vibrant fusion between language and fandom perfectly aligns with our commitment to enable the learning of diverse languages and cultures, bridging any language barriers and bringing enthusiasts closer to their cherished fandoms in an engaging and immersive manner.”

A significant majority, 66% of Indians also expressed interest in joining language learning communities linked to their cherished fan groups. This shift signifies how fandoms have transformed language, evolving it from a simple communication tool to an expressive reflection of shared passions.

( Source : Press Release )
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