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Haunted! Not any more

Deccan Chronicle.| Swati Sharma

Published on: October 30, 2023 | Updated on: October 30, 2023

Eerie pumpkins, ghosts, cobwebs, witches' broomsticks, & the colour black are all gone. Spooky evenings are making way for fiction & fashion

Even though it is not a cultural tradition in our country, Halloween has taken over the party scene. (DC Image)

Even though it is not a cultural tradition in our country, Halloween has taken over the party scene. (DC Image)

It’s that time of year! Haunted houses, pumpkin spice lattes, trick-or-treating, and more. Popular Halloween costumes are often classics, such as a witch, a skeleton, or a cat, but instead of following tradition, modern culture costumes are dominating this year’s Halloween costume trends. Scary costumes are being replaced by Barbie pink, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift stage outfits, and other pop culture references and superstars in the forefront.

Time for Self-Expression

Even though it is not a cultural tradition in our country, Halloween has taken over the party scene, and everyone appreciates having an excuse to go above and beyond. "Yesterday, a friend of mine dressed up as Clark Kent by wearing his work clothes and a superman shirt underneath. When he wears that shirt and pants to work, he’ll feel good about himself and remember that he is, in fact, Superman, which is the true fun of Halloween and the concept of dressing up as anything you want," says Kshiraja  Surendranath, an Oddissi dancer. Halloween was all about dressing up as something "scary," but as people realised they could be anybody or whatever they wanted, that changed. "I posed as Ted Bundy’s first victim! That means nothing; I dressed myself in 1970s garb, with boots, a flared skirt, and a sequin top, and when people inquired who I was, I told them, ‘I’m Ted Bundy’s victim before she was murdered. It provides myself and many others with a great deal of freedom to be incredibly creative," adds Kshiraja.

Halloween costumes allow everyone to express themselves and their creativity. "It’s an opportunity to transform into something or someone else for a day. It aids in the connection of family and friends while allowing your imagination to run wild. It’s your chance to show off your strange and creepy side. Creative expression is a great way to connect with others. It’s your chance to be silly and get away from the everyday grind. It’s one of the rare occasions in our lives when we may find humour in the midst of tragedy," says Harsha Jasti, software engineer.

"Halloween outfits must make sense to you! like an example, you may dress up like your favourite character, or just as something unique or intriguing! Dress up as Barbie, a meme, or simply a dollar sign$! It’s fun to experiment and not keep to the traditional costumes," says Adit Minocha, digital creator.

"While many people wear classic suits, many others are searching for a challenge and going the additional mile to come up with something new and innovative. This year, I saw ganji chudail, gangubai kathiawadi, and a plethora of other outfits. It’s not about who has the finest wardrobe; it’s about who has the smartest brain. Halloween may also be the perfect excuse to look as good or as horrible as you want, with no one noticing because it’s all disguised as a costume," adds Taneesha Mirwani,  digital creator.

Halloween is a dark festival celebrated as a belief in which ancient people in the west, primarily in Ireland and the United Kingdom, dress up as witches and ghosts and welcome them with huge bonfires and animal skulls, among other things.  "Given that this practise has now extended all over the world, I prefer to dress up as a witch hunter wearing a giant cone-shaped hat, a menacing mask, and a dark long coat," says Ramnivas Bathula, software engineer.

High Tech ‘Nightmare’

Creepy clowns, zombie children’s toys that squeak as they walk, skeletons, animatronics, and, of course, spooky lighting have converted these homes into terrifying sights that will delight, and potentially frighten, anybody who passes by.
"Growing up in the 1990s, Halloween was quite usual and traditional, but when I was introduced to the modern world with AI-driven technology, everything changed. As an entrepreneur, I’d always wanted to play Ironman! So this year, I’ll be portraying Ironman with an insanely awesome AI-powered helmet! On October 31st, I’ll be hosting a modern robotic Halloween theme party at my club," says Kaushik Rachapudi, owner, Xena Brewery & Kitchen.

Halloween has evolved into a high-tech event! "People dress up in costumes with dazzling special effects, holograms, and AI. In fact, dressing up as robots, skeletons, and witches has become the new high!  Halloween has evolved into a blend of technology, imagination, and environmental sensitivity. Each year, Halloween becomes more exciting and futuristic!  I want to dress up as a creepy spidy witch, complete with hat, broom, and, of course, a swarm of battery-powered spiders all over me that produce eerie sounds if somebody gets too close because they have proximity sensors," says Deeksha Dhanuka, manager, capital markets.

"I’m taking on the role of a cybernetic robot from the future. While this is all fun and games, I believe the future will combine people with some level of robotic functions to enhance our experience. Fist bump from a robot," adds Rohanak Naudu, acquisition manager.

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