Bonam offered to Goddess Ankalamma at Srisailam

KURNOOL: On the auspicious occasion of Moola Nakshatram, which fell on Sunday, devotees at Srisailam gathered to present Bonam to local deity Ankalamma. The Devasthanam authorities organised special rituals and pujas to seek blessings from the goddess.

In the morning, a procession led by senior officials and priests made its way from the Mahadwara of the temple to the Ankalamma Ammavari temple. They carried offerings such as new silk attire, turmeric, bangles, flowers, and Nivedana, a token of reverence. The priests performed special pujas, and the devotees presented the Bonam to the deity.

Prior to the Bonam offering, prayers were offered, seeking prosperity for the state and the country, timely and abundant rains for good crops, the prevention of excessive rain and drought, the avoidance of fire and vehicular accidents, and the prevention of diseases.

Srisailam Devasthanam presented Bonam to Goddess Ankalamma for the first time this year, and the authorities have decided to make this offering an annual tradition hereafter.

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